Pickaxe-Wielding Woman Smashes Neighbor’s Windows, Grandmother Inside Saves Newborn Moments Before Glass Shatters Over Bassinet


A 65-year-old woman dressed in a flowing gown and wielding a pickaxe smashed the front windows of her neighbor’s Pasadena home on Monday afternoon. A 6-week-old baby who was asleep in a bassinet near the windows was almost injured by the bizarre attack.

Arman Tchoukadarian, the homeowner, said that his mother-in-law was caring for his baby daughter at the time. He said that his grandmother was able quickly to grab the baby, just seconds before the woman smashed into the window above the bassinet.

Tchoukadarian stated, “If my mother-in-law didn’t act as quickly as she did, my daughter would not be here”

Beverly Baker, 65 years old, was the attacker captured on home security cameras. To cause further damage, she returned several times to the house in a matter of minutes.

Tchoukadarian stated that “She broke one of the windows, and went back.” “My mother-in-law came screaming and shouting to get my attention.”

Baker can be heard saying, “Questions?” at one point on the security camera video. Questions, anyone? I’ll be right back. Get out. She then left the property and returned to her home, a few blocks away. There she was later arrested.

According to investigators, Baker could be suffering from mental illness.

Tchoukadarian stated that she needed to be in the correct place and receive the right help. “That’s not a reason to attack someone’s family or attack their newborn, ruining their dream home and their lives and sanity.

According to Baker’s homeowner, Baker was walking with a pickaxe on her shoulder when she was found by police.

Baker refused to surrender for about 30 minutes but was finally taken into custody and charged with felony vandalism.

Tchoukadarian said, “I feel like our safe place has been destroyed.” Tchoukadarian stated that Baker had caused property damage to his home which was approximately $20,000 and that his family was traumatized.