New York Synagogues Terrorized by Bomb Threats Amid Rising Antisemitism


Anti-Israel demonstrations and protests continue, as the ceasefire was broken on Friday. It has gone beyond protests in New York City and parts of New York State. 15 New York City Synagogues were bombed early Friday morning. Community Security Initiative, which coordinates the security of various Jewish institutions throughout New York City, has reported threats against five synagogues, located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester County, and five other upstate New York areas.

CSI said that the threats were designed to disrupt synagogues’ operations and, thankfully, did not seem to pose a serious threat to the sanctuaries. Some threats sent by email were found not credible later, but some have led to services being evacuated. One of the threats stated, “There are many explosives in the synagogue.” In a few short hours, these explosives will explode and I will be the first to make history. I will ensure that you all die.” Law enforcement swept all locations and gave the all-clear.

Jews in the United States and around the globe have experienced a spike in hate crimes since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. Jews in New York City are more likely to be victims of hate crimes than any other group. Crimes related to antisemitism in the United States have increased by 388 percent.

While the threats made in New York City weren’t deemed credible, pro-Palestinian protests are not letting up and have become more violent and aggressive. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Los Angeles threw fake feces and smoke bombs onto the driveway of the president’s home, a pro-Israel organization. Antisemitism has become a major problem on college campuses. Last month, Jewish Cooper Union students were forced to take refuge in a Cooper Union library when Hamas supporters began banging on its glass walls. Two students were attacked at Tulane University, near New Orleans. The fight began over a person who was trying to burn a flag of Israel. Cornell University’s message board was inundated with threats directed at Jewish students. Washington D.C. is not immune from aggressive pro-Hamas demonstrations. Last month, Capitol Hill was put on lockdown after protesters clashed against Capitol Police and the Democrat National Headquarters.

What does the Biden administration do to combat the attacks on synagogues, and Jewish Americans as a whole? The administration announced in November the “first-ever US National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia.” Social media slammed the move as “tone-deaf.” Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) tweeted,

The White House claims that *Islamophobia*, after the worst massacres of Jews since World War II and the outbreak of pro-Hamas activity on campuses, is its top concern.

What is perhaps even more alarming about the Biden administration’s actions is that they came only one day after an opinion poll showed that Joe Biden had lost 17 percent of Arab Americans because of his support of Israel. A similar poll found that 40 percent supported Donald Trump.

The ceasefire was broken on Friday and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has promised to eradicate Hamas forever. Pro-Palestinian demonstrations will continue, and they will probably continue to be aggressive. No further information has been released regarding the New York Synagogues targeted. However, if it is happening in New York it won’t be long until it happens in other parts.