Snow White’s Arm Goes Missing: Hilarious Malfunction at Disney World’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train


A viral video that captured Snow White’s animatronic hand being stolen by Dopey, the dwarf, has guests laughing at this latest Disney World disaster.

Kira Haas, a Disney World Magic Kingdom Park guest from Florida, was riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train on Tuesday afternoon when she decided to take a photo with her friend.

“We immediately noticed that Snow White’s right arm was not connected to her body, and um, having my mobile out at the perfect moment, I said, ‘Yes’,” she stated.

The video has over 700,000 views on TikTok. It captures the idealistic scene in which Snow White dances with the seven dwarfs.

Snow White’s arm is not attached to Dopey, but rather dangles from his right hand while they dance to “The Silly Song.”

The song was the perfect backdrop to the disturbing scene that happened as riders approached the end of the ride.

One user commented, “The music is killing my soul,” on the viral post.

Haas was celebrating her 28th Birthday at the theme park. She defended the malfunctioning ride by claiming the animatronics used were from an older ride.

She commented on her TikTok clip, “In Disney’s defense, these animatronics were very old and came from the original ride.”

Haas was delighted that other people had the same reaction to the mishap.

Haas stated, “It was hilarious to see people having the same reaction as I did, which is, ‘This is hysterical’.”

Haas stated that she informed the cast members about the accident and the ride closed shortly thereafter for repairs.