New York Vaccine Mandate Protest


On Wednesday, at least 1,500 braved the wind and cold to allow N.Y. Governor. Kathy Hochul asked them what their thoughts were on mandating a vaccine to children and for work, as well as a vaccine database. Spoiler alert: They are against mandating a vaccine for children and for employment, as well as a vaccine database.

There was a large group of “mama bears”, which are women who are upset about children’s vaccine mandates, lots of children (mostly girls), patriots (including Proud Boys, Long Island Loud Majority members), and what appeared to be Antifa types taking photos of everyone.

The crowd was enthralled by speakers as Governor Hochul delivered her State of the State address on the second floor. Protesters were not permitted to enter the building.

Motorists passing by honked their support so speakers. Some people turned their backs on Hochul at times and made finger gestures. This is common for New Yorkers.

Kevin Smith, Long Island Loud Majority’s speaker, was one of the most energetic. His speech got the crowd roaring. Long Island Loud Majority is home to tens of thousands of members. They have been making national news for doing something Long Islanders love more than anyone: getting loud.

New York City Transit Union’s Trammel Thompson sent the crowd into hyperventilation when he declared that he had been immunized and then tore up his vaccination passport.

One speaker pointed out that there weren’t many police officers near the city because patriots don’t tend to set fire to cities. I could not find any boarded-up businesses.