Ballot Harvesting Investigation Has Been Started In Georgia


Democrats keep harping on the danger to “our democracy”. States such as Arizona and Georgia have passed laws that make voting easier and more secure. However, it has made it harder for Democrats to cheat.

The left wants elections to be fessitated in a way that will ensure Democrats’ power in the future.

There are reasons to suspect that not all 2020 was perfect. The hanky panky definitely warranted state laws protecting elections.

Secretary Of State Brad Raffensperger: My state of Georgia is currently investigating allegations of illegal and improper ballot harvesting of Democrats in 2020 and in the Senate races one year ago.

Third-party activists are prohibited from collecting and delivering votes for Georgia voters under Georgia law. This is called “harvesting”, and liberal organizers attempted to legalize it in many battleground state. However, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Democrat efforts to repeal an Arizona law that prohibited harvesting in battleground states.

Raffensperger is running to reelect himself in 2022. Raffensperger led a successful effort in Georgia to strengthen its prohibition on harvesting in 2019. He defeated Marc Elias (a prominent Democrat lawyer) to repeal the harvesting ban. Raffensperger also dismissed claims that President Donald Trump was involved in widespread fraud during the 2020 elections. This was due to several contacts being investigated in Atlanta by the Atlanta district Attorney and Jan. 6 select Committee in Congress.

Full disclosure: I voted in 2020 for Brad Raffensperger. He was not my first choice but he was against John Barrow. His campaign slogan was “I’m a Democrat, but I ain’t gonna biiiiiiiiiite cha!” ”

Catherine Engelbrecht (conservative voter integrity advocates True the Vote ) stated in an email that her organization encouraged Raffensperger to investigate.

She stated that True the Vote had submitted three complaints to Georgia’s Secretary of State after an entire year of analysis and research regarding the 2021 General and 2021 Run-off Elections. ”

True the Vote presented evidence to Raffensperger that activists and non-profit organizations conspired in “ballot Harvesting”. They delivered absentee ballots in large numbers, sometimes late at night, to the state’s boxes during the pandemic.

Just the News documents show that the group told the secretary, according to Just the News, that it had video footage from surveillance cameras in other counties than the drop boxes. It also included geolocation data taken from the phones of more than 200 activists. According to the tapes, they showed the dates and times of ballot drop-offs.

According to the group, the group interviewed a Georgian man. According to him, he claimed that he was paid thousands for collecting ballots in Atlanta during the November election. This culminated in the Jan. 5th 2021 race for Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats. Both were won by Democrats, ending GOP control of Congress.

Although True The Vote doesn’t claim any fraudulent ballots were cast, bulk ballot delivery by third parties violates Georgia law.

Raffensperger spoke to John Solomon of Just the News about the investigation that he did for his podcast John Solomon Reports.

Raffensperger told Solomon that he had some data. Raffensperger said to Solomon, “We do have some data.” Drop boxes were set up that were monitored 24 hours a day and could be used to trace the person who dropped off the information. We are just looking into that.

He stated, “If people make credible allegations against you, we want that to occur.” ”

Being a Georgian for more than 40 years, it is exciting to see the state’s investigation. The state could still do a lot of work to prove that ballot-harvesting was illegal during the previous election cycle.

It would make a great idea for Stacey Abrams to be involved in some of this activity as part of the investigation