Newsom’s Attempt to Slam DeSantis Ends in Epic Ratio With Online Chaos


Republicans are divided on some issues, such as primary candidates. However, there are others that they can all agree on. As I mentioned earlier, we all can agree that Adam Kinzinger was a shameful whiner, who helped Democrats in the disgraceful January 6 Committee and is now, fortunately for us all, out of office.

Gavin “Hair Gel” Newsom is a terrible Governor from California.

You could tell a great deal about people’s personalities by their reactions when Ron DeSantis backed out of the race on Sunday. Donald Trump, the former president’s response to his endorsement was a classy one. He thanked him and said he was “honored.” Nikki Haley made a victory sign and acted like she had defeated him, even though she was third. Newsom, the man who tried to make himself look presidential by challenging DeSantis in a debate, revealed how small he is.

This is a guy that has been acting like a politician for how long? He got a beating by DeSantis in their debate. He doesn’t have the guts to take on Joe Biden in public. Instead, he acts like a candidate hoping that they’ll call him to the table if Biden is beaten or if they decide to abandon him. He is everyone’s worst image of a used-car salesman. This guy is a scumbag who wants to be in a higher position but lacks the class or ability to bring people together. Imagine his thinking that he could compete with any Republican Governor, considering how badly he has damaged his state. Californians are leaving for Florida, a clear message that he’s not doing his job well. But he won’t accept it because of his ego.

Newsom was decimated by several well-deserved hot takes. He is another reason why it is so important to defeat the Democrats in 2020.

Leslie McAdoo Gordon, our very own Leslie McAdoo Gordon

It sounds about right.

Gavin would not even be in the running to be ranked number two. Speaking of that…

He didn’t bother to clean San Francisco up until the Communist Chinese appeared. He didn’t even care about his citizens.

This is what the citizens can expect from this slimy character.

Gavin, maybe you shouldn’t talk about fire sales.