NH Governor Sununu: I’m a Never Trumper, but I Trust the Process on Biden Crimes


Chris Sununu is the New Hampshire Governor who has decided not to run for re-election. He was able to speak on NBC, CNN, and other yawnfests that masquerade as political zeitgeist. Sununu rants about what true leadership looks like and criticizes Republicans who don’t meet that standard. This is particularly true if the person in question is named Donald J. Trump. Sununu spoke with Jonathan Karl on ABC News This Week, Sunday to discuss Jack Smith’s charges against the former president and the allegations of Biden crime family corruption.

Karl Sununu asked: “Why have so few Republicans expressed concern over this?”

The Governor’s response

The Department of Justice has been letting Donald Trump use the victim card to great effect, whether they intended it or not.

Even if you are a Trump fan, it is hard to ignore the double standard at work here. To deny that Trump was a victim is absurd.

Sununu repeated this line before announcing that Trump will not be the Republican candidate and that if he is, Republicans will lose.

It’s not going to work. In six months’ time, I think Donald Trump won’t be able to win the elections in November 2024. It’s not good that he can’t close the deal.

Sununu likes to hedge his bets. He disparages Trump one way and says that he will not be the Republican nominee on the other. He also declares he will support Trump, should he become the Republican candidate.

We all know that Sununu will be rendered irrelevant if Trump is elected president and wins the Republican nomination. Sununu has a globalist bent, but is also a consummate “insider”. His father, John Sununu, was the NH Governor and HW Bush’s Chief of Staff. Sununu has a knack for bashing his party, playing GOP-E cards, and chanting the Never Trump slogan.

Sununu, a newcomer in the GOP E party, is asking how long he will continue this show of bread and circuses. He looks thinner in his Brooks Brothers suit.

What will it take for this dynamic to change?

Three or four of the candidates will probably be stuck in the low single digits of the polls by November.

By then, half of the people will have left. You, Christie, former vice president Mike Pence, and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.

It’s the Republican Party’s chance to get to know voters and have a conversation.

Sununu showed the same ability as VP Kamala by saying nothing. Sununu knew it would be unlikely that he could change the dynamics. Karl posed the million-dollar question: Would he support a third-party candidate if Trump won the nomination?

You could say that No Labels fills the void left by the lack of a place for them to call home.

We will also be able to see how candidates are performing.

The word salad is not vinaigrette.

Karl has abandoned the idea that the House Republicans would impeach Biden.

Before you go, I want to ask you whether Kevin McCarthy has mentioned the possibility of impeachment against President Biden. In your opinion, should Republicans focus their efforts in Congress on impeaching Biden now?

Sununu has more respect for Biden than Trump.

Yes, if found guilty.

They don’t seem to know what life is really like. There are serious allegations which must be investigated.

Archer confirmed there were more than 20 phone calls between the then-VP Biden, and his son Hunter. Sununu’s claim that Americans were more concerned with the corruption allegations against Biden was not supported by any evidence.

I’d rather that the focus was on these important issues. If the Bidens are found guilty, they can take the issue up.

If you open a dictionary, you’ll likely find a picture of a person who is tone-deaf next to that word.