Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Sue Illinois Over Law That Could Silence Them


The Democrats do not want women’s choice. They want them to get abortions. A new Illinois law that targets pro-life pregnancy clinics for allegedly using “misinformation” in order to convince women to avoid abortions is the latest example of this. A group of prolife entities has now filed a lawsuit against the state.

These centers offer women alternatives to abortion, such as services that help them to choose to adopt their child or keep it. However, such charitable services have drawn the attention and criticism of radical Democrats. The Illinois Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act prohibits the use of misinformation to convince women to not use contraception or abortion. Fox News reported on July 29 that Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker could give the Attorney General’s Office the power to pursue cases of alleged fraud from pregnancy centers, and fines up to $50,000.

It is obvious that the “misinformation” definition is subjective. When they pressed social media companies for censorship, Democrats labeled truths such as biological men being men as misinformation. This law was not intended to stop lying, but rather to protect abortion. The Illinois governor does not care that abortion centers may deceive women, making them believe that they do not kill human babies.

LifeNews reports that Thomas More Society lawyers are now suing Illinois Attorney-General Kwame Raoul in order to stop the enforcement of the law. The lawsuit was filed by multiple Illinois prolife organizations and centers, as well as NIFLA – a nationwide pregnancy help center network. Peter Breen (a former Illinois state legislator Executive Vice President of the Thomas More Society and head of litigation) called the law a “blatant attempt” to silence pro-life speech.

Breen added, “Pro-abortion politicians target these ministries with $50,000 in fines and injunctions because they are pro-life.” LifeNews explained the situation:

The lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois (Western Division) seeks a temporary injunction and permanent injunction to stop SB 1909, the anti-pregnancy center law. If temporary or preliminary injunctions were granted, the law would not be enforced until the case was resolved.

Illinois is trying to limit the freedom of speech by pro-life groups, and they are being accused of “paying for advertising” that is meant to divert women from abortion providers.

Breen denied the claim that pregnancy centers give information that is not scientifically based. He called the law “unconstitutional” and “extremely prejudicial.” LifeNews reported that Illinois Attorney General’s Office had not been able to produce any hard evidence about supposed deception by pregnancy centers.

Breen said that “the Attorney General received zero complaints against Illinois Pregnancy Help Centers for alleged violations to the Deceptive Business Practices Act.”

Abortion kills a baby but also puts women at greater risk for suicide, depression, trauma, and self-harm. CBS News reported in 2011 that women who had abortions were at a higher risk for “psychological disorders” or substance abuse. A U.S. Study confirmed in 2019 that abortion and depression are linked, even when women have unwanted pregnancies.

Thomas Glessner of NIFLA argued that Illinois “overstepped any logical or relevant authority” by introducing partisan politics to their governing bodies. He also added, “This effort to deny mothers’ constitutional right to choose their life is disgraceful, and should be a source of embarrassment for the people of Illinois.”