No One Understands Biden During Impromptu Presser


On Wednesday, President Joe Biden traveled to Israel to meet PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The question is whether he should’ve gone.

The American president was extremely tired during a joint speech, and his eyes were almost closed at times. As he read his notes with his head hanging low, he could barely be heard. Biden then decided to repeat a story that had been debunked about his time in Israel in 1967. When resuming his remarks, the president announced $100 million to Gaza. This money will undoubtedly end up in Hamas’s

Thankfully, it was only a short flight, but Biden still had a few things to do. He decided to hold an impromptu news conference after boarding Air Force One. It did not go as planned.

I would try to translate that but I don’t really have the patience. At first, it seems he’s talking about school shootings, but then he starts to talk about victims who are looking for hope. Does he make a comparison between the current situation in Israel and Hamas today?

It’s hard to imagine what he was thinking.

The president deserves credit for at least one thing. That reporter’s snotty questions probably deserved that response.

Biden tried to explain the Palestinian Islamic Jihad missile that hit a hospital parking area in Gaza but couldn’t get the words out. He then went back to his old standby of saying “Well, anyway” mid-explanation.

It’s easy to imagine Israeli officials thinking, “Please stop helping.”

Karine Jean Pierre interrupted Biden twice during his press conference as if to ask him to stop.

Biden finally decided to end the situation. He did so at the worst time possible.

What would Biden have done differently if he were to try to stir up the pro-Hamas crowd? He needed to answer that question immediately and with conviction. Not doing so was giving a gift to people who attacked Israel by spreading disinformation on how they promote their war against Hamas.

The problem is that an 80-year-old president is ineffective. Biden is losing his physical ability, not to mention his mental degeneration. At this time in history, we need leaders who are not only confident and strong but also able to speak clearly and quickly when asked. Stumbling answers show weakness and it’s not what the world needs at the moment.