NYT Stealth Edits Report They Did Revealing Fetterman’s Big Problems


Fetterman’s health issues before the election were downplayed. We were assured by him, his team and that he was getting better. Even his doctor, who was also a donor, claimed that Fetterman had no restrictions on work and could return to full work.

The NY Times has now published a report acknowledging that his time in the Senate may have affected his recovery. He “had to accept the fact that he might have put himself at risk by not getting the recommended amount rest during campaign.”

The story they told us about being able return to work fully was false.

His adjustment to the Senate was made much more difficult by his recovery. He has a severe mental impairment and a serious physical impairment that has made the transition extremely difficult, despite the many accommodations that have been made.

Adam Jentleson, his chief-of-staff, stated that “What you should do to recover from it is to do as little as possible.” Instead, Fetterman was forced to do everything he could to return to the campaign trail. It is difficult to get that back.

This is, of course. It was what we all said at that time. Democrats were too focused on him winning the seat and not how he would recover. They attacked anyone who raised questions about him as if they were questioning disabled people.

Even now, even with the NY Times’s current report, they seem more concerned about how they were framing Fetterman’s impairment in serving, and the fact his team wasn’t telling the whole story.

Sara Luterman, a reporter, complained that the story said Fetterman had “special requirements”.

The New York Times removed the “special” but did not make any note of it as they should.

Closed-captioning everything at what cost is acceptable, however. The majority of people are more concerned about being misled in this campaign than the issue to support the Democrats in their quest for power in the Senate. This is at the cost Fetterman’s well-being. Do people really believe that if they change the words it will improve the situation? It doesn’t matter what you call the need “special”, if you don’t understand what others are saying or can’t respond, it’s a problem. If they refuse to call it special, I will call it what it is: a problem.

The Times reported that his staff has been convinced by this revelation. Fetterman requires a better plan for taking care of himself both emotionally and physically.

This story was not conducted with Mr. Fetterman. However, his first time in the Senate was difficult. He had to meet with constituents, attend committee meetings and caucus meetings, and make public appearances at White House events, the State of the Union address, and in Pennsylvania. [….]

A stroke that saw him have a pacemaker, defibrillator and pacemaker implanted in his brain also had an impact on his psychological state. He is now frustrated that he isn’t back to the person he was a year ago. He must accept that he may not have taken the required amount of rest during campaign. He continues to push himself in ways his family and friends worry will be detrimental.

I have a question. Are we going to hear them say that he should resign and that the Democratic governor should appoint someone to replace him? We downplayed it all, but now we realize there is a problem and so we are moving to Plan B. It wouldn’t surprise me.