The Truth About Biden’s Would-Be Gas Stove Ban Comes Out


Biden and his media allies have been relentless in their campaign to make it seem as though Republicans were ignoring concerns about a federal gas stove ban since the first dust-up in January.

They were not happy with the outcome. The internet is forever. Commentaries by officials from the administration, including Alexander Hoehn–Saric, made clear that the idea was being considered. Democrat politicians also supported the move, claiming gas stoves can cause asthma in children.

You were treated for several days as an idiot who wanted children to be hurt if you did not believe gas stoves should have been banned. The topic was being discussed by even late-night TV programs. But then, all of that changed. Biden had never planned to ban gas stoves, and the press began to report that this was a moral panic by the right. Although it wasn’t true, it was a way for the press to conceal the fact that the administration had retreated from its original plan due to backlash.

We now know the truth about the motivation behind this push and how deep it went. Fox News reports that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm met secretly with Jules Kortenhorst, the CEO of the company responsible for the study claiming that gas stoves pose a health risk.

Jennifer Granholm, Energy Secretary, met privately with the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) leader. This group funded a recent study that was used to support calls for a ban on gas stoves.

According to Granholm’s internal agency calendar, which was obtained by the government watchdog American for Public Trust (APT), Granholm met Jules Kortenhorst, the CEO of RMI at that time. This was in June 2021. Kortenhorst, a well-known global climate activist who founded the Energy Transitions Commission as well as chairing the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Net Zero Transition…

…” Despite calling stories about Biden’s administration banning gas stoves “ridiculous” and “not true”, Secretary Granholm’s schedule tells a completely different story,” Caitlin, APT executive director, told Fox News Digital. “We now know that she was consulted by the dark money group that pushed to ban gas stoves.”

Sutherland said, “Suffice to say, ridiculous” and “not true” proposals don’t usually involve a meeting of the Secretary of Energy — and there’s the smoke where there’s fire.” Americans everywhere should demand Granholm, green energy extremists, and other scum out of their kitchens.

An administration wouldn’t be seriously considering banning gas stoves if its top energy official wasn’t having an hour-long meeting with the CEO of a dark money organization pushing for them to be banned. Granholm seemed to be looking for a scientific hook in order to justify her action. You can also see that she agreed with Kortenhorst in her post-meeting rhetoric. She’s still repeating his points today while dismissing the claim that the administration ever wanted gas stoves banned.

This revelation is most fascinating to me because it reveals the true motivations of those involved. Granholm believes that America must completely eliminate fossil fuels. Kortenhorst is RMI’s CEO and a radical activist. He uses his position to advocate for the total elimination of fossil fuels.

Ask yourself if they were really concerned about childhood asthma when they got together. Did they just use it as a cover-up for their real obsession? We all know the answer.

In reality, the Biden administration wanted gas stoves to be banned. They changed their mind after public outcry and ridicule. This is a good thing. However, they can’t pretend that everyone who pointed it out was a crazy conspiracy theorist. Granholm clearly took Granholm’s idea seriously. This unearthed meeting is proof of that.