‘Ocean’s Eleven’-Style Heist Nets Thieves Over $600,000 in Rare Wine


California thieves pulled off a heist that involved over $600,000 in fine wines. The heist is being compared to the movie “Ocean’s Eleven”.

At around 12:30 am on Friday, a thief broke into Lincoln Fine Wines in Los Angeles’ Venice district. Using a rope, the thief entered the shop. Using socks, the thief covered the security cameras.

You never know. Nazmul Haque of Lincoln Fine Wines said: “I used to think they would break in through the window and door, but now, they come in from the roof and walls. ”

Haque told Santa Monica Daily Press, “We have cameras all over the house and there are many of them.” “I’m a businessman and I don’t act like a thief. “I never would have imagined that someone could descend through the roof. ”

The thief knew that the rarest and most expensive bottles of wine were stored in the cellar.

Security cameras caught the thief on video carrying cases of wine. Around 4 a.m., the thief began looting the store’s main shelves, which triggered an alarm and caused the robber to flee the crime scene.

CNN reported that “Haque” was in the store at opening time at 4.50 am and said a shaft of early morning light streamed into the roof hole, lighting up an empty scene with broken glasses and shelves. ”


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More than 600 bottles of expensive wine and liquor were stolen. This brazen heist led to approximately 75% being stolen.

The robber stole over $600,000.00 in vintage wine and liquor. In a four-hour spree the thief “cleaned out” all the Burgundy and Bordeaux wines from the store.

The thieves stole a rare 1971 blend Scotch bottle, The Last Drop. Its retail value was $6,000. The thieves also stole every bottle of Giuseppe Quintarelli.

Nick Martinelle is the manager of Lincoln Fine Wines in Lincoln. He told CNN that some bottles are irreplaceable.

The shop will create a missing bottle list so local buyers and auctioneers are able to keep track of the merchandise.

Haque said that the thief was familiar with the store and knew what items were to be searched for. He believed the thief had a plan.

Martinelle: “It looked like something from Ocean’s Eleven.” “It was unbelievable.”

Haque told me, “All of my hard work has been snatched away in just a few hours.”

Haque told The Los Angeles Times it is devastating to lose 10, 15, or even more years of hard work in one night. “I’m not sure if I can emotionally recover.”

Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the heist.

Lincoln Fine Wines is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who provides information that will help the Los Angeles Police Department capture the thief.

Lincoln Fine Wines shared this message on Instagram: “Thanks to our entire Community!” “Our community and customers have kept us going throughout all this turmoil. ”