WH Spox Refuses to Commit to Transparency on Cocaine Investigation


We have been reporting on the ever-changing story about the Cocaine found in the White House.

The Biden Administration’s apparent commitment to lack of transparency is not changing.

What could have prevented them from telling the truth about the relic’s location on the first day of its discovery?

Why are they hiding the location? Only the culprit knows where the item was located. We’re not being told the truth, and it is unfair.

Andrew Bates’ responses to the White House’s Deputy Press Secretary reveal just how little they care about us or our right to information.

He stated that there was no new information.

I’m not going to comment on the fact that the story keeps changing.

When a journalist said, “If Secret Service can determine the person responsible for bringing Cocaine to the White House…will the White House commit transparency… by making this information public?”

This is a simple question. Would you please tell us if you are the person? Bate’s response was unacceptable.

Bates stated that he will “defer” to the Secret Service. “I won’t even engage in hypotheticals. ”

It is our right to know the truth about what took place in a person’s home. What a shameful reaction.

But it got worse. Bates was asked if he had anything to say about the speculation from former President Donald Trump, among others, that the cocaine might belong to Joe Biden or Hunter Biden. “Are you willing to say that that’s not the case?”

Again, simple question. The White House should have a very simple answer to that, right? “Of course, it doesn’t belong to Joe or Hunter.” But again, Bates refused to give that straight answer.

Bates responded, “I don’t have a response. We need to be careful about the Hatch Act.”

He then went on to discuss Trump and broke the Hatch Act with his remarks. It’s probably because of the differences in their policy records.

Translation: He does not care about the Hatch Act. He is only trying to avoid the Hunter question.

Bates’s attack on Trump was hilarious since everyone knew that Trump’s policies were far superior to those of Biden. They feel it every day.

The Biden White House believes that they do not have to tell us anything. They have abandoned all transparency.