Paige VanZant’s OnlyFans Success Surpasses Fighting as Money-Making Venture


Paige VanZant, former UFC star, has reportedly put her fighting career on hold and focused her efforts on her lucrative modeling business.

She is currently competing in the Bare-Knuckle Fighting championship. She had a short stint with All Elite Wrestling.

OnlyFans is where she has seen the most success, despite her fighting career.

“Fighting is just a pastime, I must understand that now.” She told TMZ that it was her part-time work for the ‘Famous & Naked’ special. “I must realize that OnlyFans provides everything for me.”

She added, “There are many things I’d do to support and provide for my family.” “I would die for my family.” “This is far less than that.”

VanZant is followed by more than 3.1 million people on Instagram and another 1.8 on TikTok. She has leveraged her social media following to launch a successful modeling career.

She’ll be debuting on Dana White’s Power Slap this week, even though fighting is second to her.

She said in her podcast: “I signed a contract, and I will do Power Slap whether my mother —–s want it or not.” “I signed a Power Slap contract. You know what? I’m f—ing Paige VanZant. I used to be in the UFC and did bare-knuckle, as well as boxing. “Now, I am doing Power Slap ….. I will do everything to p— everyone off.”