Parents Sue School District After Teacher Announces Gender ‘Transition’ to Kids Without Consent


A Wisconsin school district has been causing a stir as supporters and opponents of parental rights clash across the country. Their conduct in relation to a transgender educator is a prime example. This district has a history of controversy. It is opposed to the idea that parents should have a direct role in their child’s education.

Northstar Middle School, Eau Claire, had a teacher announce that he was transgender. He also detailed his plans to “transition” into the opposite gender. The district refused to release the speech text despite numerous requests from parents:

A lawsuit claims that the Wisconsin school district denied parents a copy of an orchestra teacher’s speech to middle school students in which he announced he would be transitioning genders.

Jacob Puccio, an orchestra teacher at Northstar Middle School in Eau Claire (Wisconsin), announced to students that he was transitioning from a man to a female and wanted to refer to himself as “Ms. According to a complaint filed by a parent and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, “Puccio” was used in the lawsuit. Parents wanted to know what Puccio said to their kids and asked for multiple copies of the speech. The school refused to provide them, so the parent filed a lawsuit.

The teacher told his students about the time he felt like a girl trapped inside a boy’s skin as a young child. He talked about the trauma he experienced because others did not accept him as a woman. In the lawsuit, it is noted that Puccio informed his children he planned to undergo surgery as part of a “transition.”

After being rejected by the school district one of the parents filed a request for public records to get the contents of the statement. The district attorney’s offices argued they couldn’t provide the document due to an ongoing investigation of how the employee handled the document.

It is not the first instance that the district has been criticized for trying to influence a child without the consent or knowledge of their parents. A report from March 2022 revealed that the district held a training where educators were told “parents do not have the right to know the identity of their children” and this information must be “earned” by parents. Parents whose children attended the district were furious at this revelation.

This controversy raises several questions. Why is the content of Puccio’s speech being kept from parents by the district? Why not defend his statement if they believe it was correct? In the lawsuit, the superintendent said that he is “proud” of the thoughtfulness in which the teacher announced his intention to “transition”.

The district also believes that it is appropriate for a teacher to share such intimate details of his life with a classroom full of middle-school children. Why did the district think it was ok for him to talk about his experiences and plan to undergo surgery to “transition” into a woman in front of a room full of middle school children? I would like to know if the parents were told that their child was going to be so open.

This issue stems from a flagrant disregard for parental rights and disrespect towards those who are worried about what their children are exposed to at school. This only reinforces what I have been saying for years: these authoritarian leftists don’t believe that your children are yours. They think that kids are the property of the state, and can be used as it wishes.

They believe that it is okay to hide information about the things children learn from their parents. They see parents as babysitters and not guardians. The government should decide how children should be raised, and what they should learn.

It is good to see parents taking action, despite how bleak the situation may seem. They will succeed only if people do not resist.