Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Rejection Puts Justice Department in Hot Seat


The Justice Department of President Biden is under fire for the events that occurred during Hunter Biden’s first court appearance, which took place on Wednesday.

Hunter Biden’s plea deal fell through, and he entered a “not guilty” plea as federal prosecutors confirmed that he is still under federal investigation. As part of a plea agreement to avoid jail on a felony firearm charge, the president’s child was expected to plead to two misdemeanor counts of willful non-payment of federal income tax.

After the news broke, critics turned their attention to the Justice Department. Mike Howell, Director of the Oversight Project of the Heritage Foundation said, “Something is rotten in Delaware and the judge smelled it today.”

Howell said, “We are delighted that her reasoning matched the arguments we made in our brief before the Court.” Hunter Biden will not be able to use this sweetheart deal to get out of prison free for any charges that could arise in the investigation. That means President Biden also didn’t get off lightly.

Paul Kemenar of the National Legal and Policy Center said that it is absurd that an investigation by the Justice Department, which lasted for years, ended in misdemeanors charges.

Kamenar said, “It is outrageous that after five years of investigation into Hunter Biden and recent IRS whistleblowers sworn testimony about a Justice Department cover-up and obstruction the best the prosecutor could come up with was a few misdemeanors and recommend probation, as a slap of the wrist.”

“Thankfully, Judge Norieka rejected the plea deal as we urged, but it remains to be seen if a new deal is agreed to,” Kamenar added.

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, went further, stating that this development should at least lead to an investigation into impeachment against Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch’s President, said that if the DOJ had a culture of ethics, this development would have led to the resignations of US Attorney Weiss and Attorney General Garland, as well as other officials responsible (such as the US Attorneys from CA and DC, who subverted the prosecution).

Fitton said that this development gives added urgency to an investigation into impeachment targeting Biden, and at least Garland. “And if Garland doesn’t immediately appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Biden, Inc., then one can presume that Garland has criminally compromised himself.”

Hunter Biden is also expected to sign a pre-trial diversion agreement in relation to a separate felony of possession of firearms by a person addicted or a drug user who has not been licensed.

Maryellen Noreika, a federal judge, questioned federal prosecutors about the investigation. She also questioned if there were any future charges possible. She asked prosecutors whether Hunter Biden is currently under investigation. Prosecutors confirmed that he is, but refused to say what specifically the investigation involves.

Leo Wise, a federal prosecutor, confirmed to Judge Noreika of the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware during a heated court hearing that the DOJ continues its investigation into Hunter Biden for a possible FARA violation. According to the DOJ, a willful FARA violation could result in five years of imprisonment or a $250,000 fine.

Wise replied “Yes” when Noreika asked if the government could file a FARA charge against Hunter Biden.

On Wednesday, however, prosecutors said that Hunter Biden’s guilty plea to two misdemeanor charges of tax offense would not protect him from further charges.

Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty because Noreika was unable to accept the plea agreement as it was constructed. She expressed concerns repeatedly about the constitutionality of the diversion agreement related to the felony firearm charge.