Pat Sajak’s Daughter Replaces Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune


Maggie Sajak teases ‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans during her appearance on “Ultimate Host Night” Wednesday night.

Pat Sajak’s daughter, 29, shared a video on Instagram of her wearing a red dress and walking down the stairs to the theme song from the game show.

“tonight…” Maggie captioned the post, adding a dancing, star, and heart emoji.

Vanna White, who has been a co-host for “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” since its inception, will no longer be present. Maggie will take her place. White will compete against “Jeopardy!” Ken Jennings, Mayim Bialik, and their co-hosts will be raising money for charity.


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White was a driving pro in a preview for Wednesday’s episode. Maggie was busy turning letters as White was solving a mystery.

White said to Sajak’s daughter during the clip: “I’m making you work for this Maggie.”

Maggie Sajak was a baby when she made her debut on the game show, alongside her father Pat.

She was a country singer in her teens and has been the social correspondent of “Wheel of Fortune” since 2021.