Sobriety Tech Developer’s Remains Found 18 Months After Mysterious Disappearance


Nearly a year after his last sighting, the remains of a tech expert who created an app that helps addicts “maintain a path to sobriety,” have been discovered.

Beau Mann, 39 years old, appeared in good spirits on November 29, 2021. After spending Thanksgiving in Texas with his family, Mann had returned to Los Angeles and called Jason Abate to say goodnight. Abate, a Michigan resident, told reporters that he had been telling him he loved her and wanted to adopt kids with her. “That was his last message to me.”

Mann’s behavior the next day seemed strange. Mann’s car was in need of repair so he took an Uber. He dropped me off at 7-11 just after 2 pm. Half an hour later, he dropped off at an address at Berkeley Street, Santa Monica, California. During an Uber ride, Mann sent 911 a text. It is unknown what was in the text message, but LAPD confirmed later that “several unsuccessful attempts were made to reach [him] through that correspondence.” Mann has never been heard or seen again.

A police report stated that on April 25, 2023, skeletal remains had been found “in the courtyard” of an abandoned house located just a few blocks from where Mann last was seen. The LA County Coroner, using dental records, positively identified the remains of Mann a couple of weeks after they were discovered.

Abate said that while he is grateful to have some closure in his life, this discovery has left him with more questions than answers. Beau, how are you gone? How do these vivid memories still exist and yet you’re not there? Abate’s Facebook message read in part. Please explain to me what is going on. “I need someone to explain this to me.”

According to Sergeant Erika Aklufi, the Santa Monica Police Department, foul play, in this case, is not suspected. But loved ones are skeptical. After reportedly recovering, Mann launched Sober Grid in 2015 to create “an online community of sober people” that could offer addicts “easy access to support at any point and stage on their recovery journey.”

Abate said once about Mann: “I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I think he has changed the world.”

The area where Mann was found has been inspected by loved ones. Some suspect that Mann may have followed the wrong person into an unsafe place because of his desire to help. “Shame to LAPD & SMDP that they never looked here!” One Santa Monica resident posted on Facebook. They make it sound like a pleasant grassy area. No! “This is a drug den, and the city does not do anything.”

Abate expressed similar concerns, and pointed to the Ubers Mann used the day that he disappeared. Officer Jill Calhoun, of the LAPD who investigated Mann’s disappearance case initially, said that Uber was thoroughly investigated, but foul play still wasn’t suspected. Abate sobbed, “I hope he did not suffer.”