Pennsylvania Lawmakers Move to Impeach Liberal Philly DA Krasner


As crime continues to plague Philadelphia, Pennsylvania state legislators are moving to impeach Larry Krasner, the far-left District Attorney.

Republican State Representatives Josh Kail and Tim O’Neal detailed the efforts to remove Krasner and why they feel confident that the move will win bipartisan support.

Kail stated, “We want to emphasize the derelictions of duty that have been seen from this district attorney.” “Lives have been taken, property destroyed, and families crushed. It is enough.” We must do something.”

He said, “Really. We need to get back law and order.” “Chaos in Philadelphia has been too dominant, and it’s high time to end it.”

On Monday lawmakers presented the impeachment articles, which Krasner called “unconstitutional”.

O’Neal stated that “it certainly isn’t an effortless process, and it’s a remarkable step.” “But we are confident that this will be a bipartisan effort.” “The failures of Larry Krasner as Philadelphia’s district attorney are well-known and widely publicized.”

This trio of volunteers is making an effort to recall former DA Chesa Bodin, who was recalled by San Francisco voters with 61% wanting him out. His scrutiny was due to the city’s growing homeless population and rise in violent crime.

Ecker stated, “He’s totally lost his mind.” Ecker also stated that “the people of the city don’t support him.” “The city’s former leaders, as well as current leaders, have called on him to take charge and prosecute crimes.”

As of May, violent crime had increased by almost 5% in the City of Brotherly Love from 2021. Meanwhile, the murder rate has fallen 15% compared to last year.