Biden Dismissed Idea Ethanol Could Help Slash Gas Prices


According to the Washington Post, President Biden dismissed the notion that ethanol gas authorization would lower gas prices. He did this before he went to Iowa in April to make the announcement.

According to the outlet, the president was also curious about the purpose of the Menlo event in Iowa. He stood in front of a tractor to announce that E15 gasoline had been authorized in an effort to increase supply and lower prices.

In April, Biden stated in Iowa that “it’s not going solve all our problems.” It’s going to benefit some people and I’m determined to do my best to make a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s just a few dollars more.

According to reports, the president met with his senior staffers at the Oval Office following the Iowa event to ask them questions about the purpose and goal of the event.

“Biden was concerned that the announcement would exaggerate ethanol’s ability cut gas prices and harm his climate goals,” The Washington Post reported. It cited people who were familiar with the matter.

The White House is “desperate” to lower the gas price, according to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

On Saturday, the national average price per gallon of gasoline was $5. This is continuing to rise. According to AAA, Monday’s average was $5.014.

President Trump has repeatedly blamed the high gas prices on the conflict in Ukraine. He declared Saturday that the war in Ukraine was “outrageous” and stressed the administration’s decision not to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

“Biden is increasingly voicing his anger internally. And some Democrats, inside and outside the White House, want to focus on oil and gas company greed as a centerpiece of their fall message,” Washington Post White House reporter Tyler Pager wrote.

According to the outlet, the administration’s attempts to promote positive aspects of the economy were not “resonating.”

Marianna Sotomayor, a Washington Post congressional reporter, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that Democrats could lose their grip on the economy. While she acknowledged that Democrats were shifting the messaging around inflation to promote empathy, she said it could be too late for those who say “we need help right now.”

The administration also has not been able to provide a timeline for price rises, which gives the impression that prices will slow down. Biden and others suggested that prices rose because of the rapid recovery from the pandemic. Prices would then stabilize as they increase again,” wrote the Washington Post.

NBC reported that Biden was becoming frustrated with his aides who were refusing to retract his public statements at the end of May. According to NBC, he was worried that it would make him appear weak.

According to reports, the president believes that Americans and the media aren’t giving him enough credit for his economic work. Would you like a Kleenex to wipe your tears, Biden? Biden is too funny, he’s done nothing but run our country and economy in the dirt.