Philadelphia Reached 500 Homicides As Gun Violence Continues To Plague City Streets


Philadelphia saw 500 homicides in the week ending March 31, amid worries from elected officials over how to deal with violent crime on city streets.

Police data shows that the murder rate for 2022 has fallen slightly from last year despite the landmark. The city recorded 562 murders in 2021. This year’s slayings are the most in recent years, with 562 reported last year.

Mayor Jim Kenney stated that 500 lives had been taken by the city’s senseless violence during Monday’s news conference. That’s 500 of our neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family members. As we approach the holiday season, I cannot help but think about all the amazing potential that has been lost due to this loss of life.

Since 2016, when 268 people were murdered, Philadelphia has seen an increase in murders.

This year’s murder statistics were announced by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office just days after multiple gang members were arrested for gun trafficking, shootings, and murders in connection to a July 4, 2021, mass shooting and the death of a 15-year-old boy.

The city tried to take steps to reduce gun violence. After Kenney signed an executive directive, a judge stopped officials from imposing weapons bans at parks, recreation facilities, and playgrounds.

We reached out to Kenney’s Office and the Philadelphia Police Department for comments.

State lawmakers have noticed Philadelphia’s criminal problem and decided to impeach Larry Krasner, District Attorney, for his actions last month. Critics have pointed to his progressive policies as part of a pattern that encourages criminals.

Krasner was impeached by the state House 107-85, claiming he committed misconduct in office and obstructed an investigation by a House committee. Krasner described the impeachment as a Republican-led power game.

He said that he was impeached by the authorities without providing any evidence linking his policies to an increase in crime. “We were never allowed to defend our ideas or policies, which I would be proud to explain. It is shameful that Pennsylvania Republicans chose to ignore the facts about my office.

The impeachment trial against the State Senate will begin in January.