Philly’s Rush Hour Hijacked by Ceasefire Protest


Anti-Israel activists are using a tactic that is common among the left and environmentalists — they block highways to irritate drivers.

On Wednesday, we saw it happen in Los Angeles when they stopped hundreds of motorists on the 110 Freeway for an hour, including two buses with children. Drivers lost patience and began picking them up. One of the protesters was thrown into the street. It didn’t go well for those who were promoting the ceasefire. The police then arrested 75 people.

They tried the same thing in Philadelphia on Thursday by closing I-76 Westbound.

Protesters blocked the Schuylkill Expressway westbound lanes in Center City, near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. They called for a Gaza ceasefire. The police reported that around 150 members of Jewish Voice for Peace began to gather at the Spring Garden Street Bridge in Center City, near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. They hung banners saying ‘Let Gaza live’ and ‘Ceasefire Now’.

Other activists then jumped from their cars under the I-76 bridge and stretched themselves out in a long line to block it.

Jewish Voice for Peace is the same leftist astroturf that has been behind many protests across the country. They’re being ridiculous because their actions are not convincing anyone and only make people angry. They are only encouraging Hamas with their actions, and so they have little to do about “real peace.” They also don’t care who they hurt by doing what they do. They did it at rush hour when the most people were around. What if you’re driving with a sick child or at work? You all must bend to their will.

The terrorists should not expect the people of Philly to bend to their will.

This is how Rabbi Alissa, leader of Rabbis For Ceasefire said they would celebrate Hanukkah in 2018. She told The Philadelphia Inquirer that “this year, it’s about disrupting the business as usual.”

This tactic did not end well either: 32 people were arrested, zip-tied, and taken away by police. I’m sure that they didn’t convince anyone else to change their mind and support their cause. Anyone present who may have been inclined to do so might be so angry at this point that they would not do it. They’ll alienate the people they are trying to convince in blue-colored cities like Philadelphia if they continue using this tactic.