Satan Statue Removed from Iowa Capital Building


The controversial display of satanic images in the Iowa Capitol Building is now over, at least temporarily.

If you’re not familiar with the story’s origins, the “Satanic Temple of Iowa” decided that they would abuse the provision that allows for public displays of religious symbols on state property. The group created an “altar” complete with a goat’s head on a mannequin and mocked anyone who found it offensive.

Welcome to America, where even a simple Nativity scene is ruined by petty, ridiculous clowns.

The display was in place for days despite the criticism of the Iowa Governor. Kim Reynolds responded by calling for prayer. It wasn’t until Thursday that a man took a more direct response.

Michael Cassidy took matters into his own hands and destroyed the display. The “Satanic Temple of Iowa”, in response, said that the “altar” had been damaged “beyond repairs.” Cassidy explained his actions in the following way.

It may be that the world tells Christians to accept Satan’s legitimization, but the founding fathers would not have thought of government-sponsored Satanic altars in Capitol buildings as being protected by the First Amendment. In recent decades, anti-Christian values are becoming more mainstream. Christians have been largely like a frog in a boiling pot.

There will no doubt be some people, including those on the right who argue that to destroy the display would be a violation in principle. Arguments will be made that if a nativity display is allowed, then other displays from “religions”, including satanic ones, must also be permitted.

I don’t believe it. The Founding Fathers of our nation would have torn down that display and set it ablaze. They would never have allowed it to go up. In a situation like this, it’s fine for common sense to prevail. A nativity display is not the equivalent of a satanic exhibit put up to elicit a negative reaction.

We’ll have to wait and see if Cassidy is arrested. Social media conservatives are raising money to fund his legal defense. Would state authorities (which are largely GOP-led), want to step on this landmine? We’ll have to wait and see.