Plurality of Hispanic Voters Support Republican Governors Sending Illegal Immigrants to Liberal States


According to a recent Morning Consult / Politico poll, a substantial percentage of ethnically-Hispanic American voter thinks that Republican governors should relocate illegal aliens from their states to Democrat-controlled ones. This could be another indication that a large voting bloc, suggested by CNN’s senior political analyst John Avlon, is becoming increasingly alienated from Democrat policies.

The poll was published on Tuesday and asked the question: “Would Republican governors sending migrants into liberal U.S. cities be appropriate/ inappropriate/ don’t know/ no opinion”

41% of Hispanic respondents thought it was appropriate, while 35% said it was inappropriate. An additional 25% of respondents were unsure or didn’t have an opinion.

The six-point change in favor of Hispanics was more evident than that of the largest category of registered voters where 42% were for and 41% were against.

The question was posed again by pollsters, but this time they framed it in moral terms. It was deemed moral by 33% of Hispanics, while it was considered immoral by 39%.

Republican Governors Ron DeSantis in Florida, Greg Abbott of Texas, and Doug Ducey from Arizona have bused and flown thousands of illegal aliens to the sanctuary and Democratic locales, including Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Chicago, and Martha’s Vineyard.

Taryn Fenske, DeSantis’ Communications Director, stated that the initiative will help “better facilitate the care for these individuals who were invited into our country through the incentivizing of illegal immigration through their designations as sanctuary States’ and support for Biden Administration’s open borders policies.”

Abbott has also attempted to confront liberal cities and states with the consequences of the policies they advocated. He stated that the Biden-Harris Administration continued to ignore and deny the historic crisis at Texas’ southern border, which has harmed and overthrown Texas communities for nearly two years,” on September 15.

He stated that he sent illegal immigrants to Chicago a “continue providing much-needed relief for our small, overrun borders towns,” adding, “To join other sanctuary cities, Chicago will serve as an additional drop-off location.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has encountered more than 2,150,639 illegals on the southern border this year. They have flooded into U.S. border regions, putting a strain upon resources and depressing wages.

Hispanic voters, Democrat immigration policies

Recent trends suggest that attitudes within the Hispanic community might lessen the surprise that a majority of Hispanics agree that illegal immigrants should be relocated.

The survey, which was conducted by Texas Latino Conservatives on August 11, 2022, revealed that 61% of Hispanics are bothered by the current direction taken by the Democrat Party. This concern was shared by 28% of non-Republicans.

57% of respondents indicated that they favor tougher border security measures to “stop illegal migrants crossing the border.” 27% of those surveyed said that they favor allowing more illegals to enter the U.S. in order to seek asylum.

Biden is now 51% in the approval ratings of Hispanics, despite winning 65% of their vote in 2020.

Alienation and shifting

There was a significant shift in Hispanic voters to the Republican Party in 2020. Also, there was a 30% increase in Hispanic voter participation, i.e., compared to 2016.

Former President Donald Trump won 46% and 41% of the Hispanic votes in Florida and Texas in the 2016 presidential election. He won 32% of Hispanic votes nationally, an increase of four points over 2016.

CNN reported in January that 16 Texas counties have a Hispanic super-majority. Biden won the county with the highest Hispanic population by 5 points. Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, was up 60 points in 2016. This is a 55-point decline.

This isn’t a matter where Democrats are doing worse with Hispanics. Republicans fare better.

Mayra Flores, a Republican Congresswoman from Texas, won the election to flip a historically Democrat-held region that was heavily Hispanic in June. After winning by eight points, she said, “For more than 100 years, it has been taken for granted that we are here… “I will show you the real representation.”

Cassy Garcia was formerly the U.S. Cassy Garcia, who was formerly the U.S. State Director, is currently running for Congress. Fox News Digital recently reported that she believed Democrats were running scared at the moment.

Garcia stated that she has spoken with Democrats who told her they are leaving the Democrat Party to vote Republican because it shares their values.

The Democrats are not losing out on the votes of their former supporters. In 2021, 52% of Hispanic voters identified themselves as independents.

Van Jones, a pundit, highlighted this summer’s shift and potential: “Democrats don’t see it coming. We overreact on the cultural moves and under-react the economic appeal, and you’re seeing a payoff for MAGA.”

It is important to note that the Hispanic voter bloc is not ideologically or ethnically homogeneous.

A recent Axios/Ipsos survey found that 58.2% believe it is more important for the United States to protect its borders and provide assistance to citizens than to help immigrants flee poverty in their own countries. Contrary to this, 18.5% of Central American voters prefer the former while 73.4% favor the latter.