House GOP Makes Migration Policy Promises For 2023


Kevin McCarthy, the House GOP’s Migration Policy Campaign Leader for 2023, has made public his promises to the House GOP. He stated that it would pass legislation to ban the illegal immigration of migrants.

McCarthy’s “Commitment to America,” which was made before the election, is very useful to voters. The written promises will help GOP supporters and lawmakers overcome possible bipartisan opposition to reform policies, if the GOP wins majority control of Congress in November. These promises provide an opportunity to offer a wider range immigration reforms that could shift wealth and political power from wealthy Americans.

Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), applauded the campaign promise:

FAIR is proud to have stood with the largest ever assembled coalition of public interests groups and ex-immigration officials to call for legislation to end the border crisis that was deliberately instigated under the Biden administration. We are grateful to Republican leaders for their insight and expertise. We stand ready to collaborate with them to make the Commitment to America’s immigration component a legislative text.

While Democrats favor open borders, Republicans support secure borders. The American people must decide.

A chapter is included in the document titled “A Nation That Is Safe.”

This chapter also includes a section entitled “Secure the Border & Combat Illegal Immigrants,” which states:

This Administration has seen record illegal border crossings. This has led to more drug use, more crime and demoralized Border Patrol officers who are unable to carry out their law enforcement missions. The border situation has become a humanitarian and national security crisis that must be resolved immediately.

This section contains a link marked “Show us our plan to regain control over the southern border,” that promises to:

Fully finance effective border enforcement strategies, infrastructure and advanced technology to stop illegal crossings and cartel trafficking.

Stop the catch-and-release loopholes

To get a job, you will need to show proof of your legal status

Eliminate welfare incentives
These items would significantly narrow the legal loopholes President Joe Biden’s law enforcement officials have used to reward and invite at least three million illegal immigrants into the United States every year since January 2021.

This vast inflow from the south adds to the annual economic inflow of approximately two million legal migrants, visa workers and illegals who arrive as tourists after arriving in the country.

These massive inflows could result in nearly one migrant per 18-year-old American, or one migrant per American born in 2022.

The establishment media ignores the enormous economic impact of this replacement-scale migration.

Biden’s illegal and legal migration is unfairly skewing America’s economy in favor investors by lowering Americans’ wages.

It also increases rents and housing costs, as well as pushing up inflation for many goods such used cars and baby food. Economists estimate that housing costs account for one-third of inflation. These higher housing costs have been inflated by approximately five million illegal and legal migrants since 2021.

Numerous donors and business groups support the federal Extraction Migration policy. This provides them with an import stimulus of cheap workers, government consumers and high-occupancy renters.

This policy reduces the market pressure for coastal investors to invest into heartland states like Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky. California and New York are not being pressured by a growing economy to find workers in Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio or other heartland states. Instead, they can hire busloads upon bus stops in downtown.

The McCarthy plan mentions Biden’s massive death toll in its migration. This may encourage Republicans and Democrats to shame Biden’s migrants, just like Democrats tried to stigmatize Republicans with their poll-tested theme of “child separations” in 2018/2020.

McCarthy’s border plan is partially based on a consensus plan that was developed by many immigration reform groups. McCarthy was presented with the consensus plan in May by Jim Jordan (R.-OH) as well as Jim Banks (R.IN).

The July consensus plan was reduced to a simpler version. The House Judiciary Committee will be able to make a number of significant commitments under the plan, which is called “House Republicans: It’s Time for Southern Border Security.”

Because the House’s homeland defense committee has been allowed to be chaired by a New York Republican pro-migration, it has only played a small role in shaping border policy. Rep. John Katko (the chairman) recently stated that he would cut grass to help with border security.

Clear the Carrizo Cedar and Salt Cedar. CBP’s operations along the Rio Grande River are hampered by these invasive species. Non-native plants should also be eliminated.

Katko has announced his retirement, which was forced by the arrival of many poor, government-dependent migrants into New York state’s high-migration/high-cost economy.

McCarthy’s border-focused agenda differs from McConnell’s evasive, noncommittal statements made on September 20.

McConnell didn’t explain why migration has different effects on “well-too-do blue communities” and “working class communities.”