Principal Had Sex With Gym Teacher in Elementary School Bathroom While His Wife Recorded Them


Officials claim an elementary school teacher had sex with a teacher at the gym and took photos.

Officials from Banks County School District released a six-page report after an internal review.

According to the report, Dr. Dana Simmons was found to have sexual relations with Dylan Charles. He is a teacher at Banks County Elementary school in Homer.

There is strong evidence Dr. Simmons and Mr. Charles had an intimate sexual relationship. According to the report, there was strong evidence that Dr. Simmons and Mr. Charles had a sexual relationship in the following: Video, Pictures, Admissions from both sides, Verification by Kelsey Charles

The report also stated that the photo of the couple’s sexual activity took place in the school’s bathroom.

Simmons claimed that Charles had hacked her office. Charles denied that he had hacker access to her office. However, he did admit to Simmons as having been in a long-term relationship.

Charles claimed that he had “routinely” sex at the school with Simmons. Simmons however denied the allegation.

Simmons said then to officials that Charles’s wife, who was a teacher at the school, would record them having sex.

Simmons was accused by her wife of manipulating her husband, and her own self-esteem when she interrogated her. Simmons was accused of telling Simmons to “allow her husband to have sex” in exchange for her supporting their careers.

Superintendent Ann Hopkins announced on Jan. 27 that Dr. Ann Hopkins had resigned along with two other educators.

The district stated that law enforcement officers looked at the incidents to determine if there was any evidence of criminal activity. They concluded that no crime was committed.

Fox News Digital was informed of a statement from the district, which stated that “The educators involved in this incident are not teaching Banks County students.” “The safety and well-being of our students is our highest priority. “There was no evidence to suggest that students’ security or safety had been compromised in the course of the investigation.

This is a local report: