Nancy Mace Shocks in Hearing by Revealing Alleged COVID-19 Vaccine Injury, Roasts Former Twitter Executives


The explosive exchanges at Wednesday’s House hearing about Big Tech became viral because of the explosive exchanges between Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, ex-Twitter censor Yoel Rot.

Nancy Mace, however, revealed some surprising news. She still suffers from what she calls a COVID-19 vaccination injury. Mace claims that she suffered from asthma, heart problems, and tremors after her second dose. She now regrets having it.

A portion of the exchange was transcribed.

Mace said that he, like many Americans, has long-term COVID effects. “I was a long-term worker, and I also have side effects from the vaccine. Although it wasn’t my first shot, I had asthma after the second. I have left-hand tremors and occasional heart problems that I can’t explain. I’ve been through a series of tests. It is alarming to me that Twitter’s unrestricted censorship has spread to medical fields, affecting many Americans by suppressing expert opinions from doctors and censoring anyone who disagrees with the CDC.

Mace used this as a starting point to roast Yoel Rot, Vijaya Gadde, and the other former Twitter top dog tapped as witnesses. He noted that none of them had enough medical expertise to determine what was or wasn’t “disinformation” regarding COVID-19. Twitter’s censors waged war on anyone who challenged the accepted wisdom, even if the conventional wisdom was so clearly wrong (i.e. Mask efficacy and lab leak theory.

Later, Mace asked Gadde if Twitter was directed to remove certain content. She replied in the affirmative.

There will be some wiggle room that Twitter doesn’t have to comply with the government’s demands. However, that’s an absurdly corrupt way of looking at the situation. People tend to respond to legal threats from the federal government with all its unlimited resources. While I don’t absolve the former Twitter regime of their actions, it was easier to remove posts rather than go to court.

However, Roth and Gadde, far-left activists, were happy to help, if only to avoid a legal confrontation. This makes them guilty. Mace is culpable, given the pressure, she was under (including from some on the left) to not speak negatively about the COVID-19 vaccinations. I must give her credit for speaking out. She could have stayed silent, but she shared her story to highlight the negative and dangerous actions of Twitter.