Pro-Abortion Protesters Think They Have a Brilliant Solution to Roe’s Overturning


In their tantrums when they lose a battle the pro-abortion crowd promises many things. Roe v Wade was their biggest L to date. Many women have made a vow in their blind rage that is being repeated as far as abroad.

The Daily Wire reported that pro-abortion women have started a #SexStrike. They promise to close their legs and not let any man touch them until Roe is restored. This does not only include hookup culture; it also means that wives will refuse to have sex with their husbands.

Roe’s whole argument is that women cannot stop having sex, so abortions must be available on-demand and without any apology. Yet, they are now saying that they can practice celibacy by the power of spite.

This solution, no matter how they came up with it, was what pro-lifers have been advocating since the beginning. You can either use more contraceptives, or you can stop having sex. It’s as simple as that. The latter is a guarantee that you won’t get pregnant, considering how sometimes the former fails.

Advocates for abortion warned that the draft opinion would “decimate” hookup culture.

@moneymollusk all the pro-life men who love plan b i am speaking to you directly #roevwade ♬ original sound – SHAKEYFUNNYAZZ

Although it is unlikely that these women will stop having sex with random people, being more selective about their partners would make a difference for the human race. Our society has seen a lot of problems due to haphazard sex. This includes unwanted pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted diseases, depression, and other issues.

This will ensure that there are no unplanned pregnancies and that you have better mental and bodily health.

It would appear that these pro-abortion protesters are onto something that would make humanity better overall. Hookup culture is something of a plague on humanity despite being told that noncommittal sex is healthy and fun. It can’t be denied that it is fun, but healthy is questionable. Smoking cigarettes also provide a temporary boost to one’s mood but is undeniably toxic in the end.

Roe is not necessary if these women are willing and able to shut their legs in spite. Problem solved.