Uvalde Shooter’s Grandmother Discharged From Hospital After More Than A Month


After more than a month of treatment, Salvador Ramos’ grandmother has been discharged from Texas Hospital.

University Health San Antonio announced Tuesday that Celia Gonzales (66), was discharged.

It added that a 10-year-old girl, who was also injured in the massacre of May 24, has been upgraded to good health.

Ramos is accused of shooting his grandmother in her face at her house, driving her truck less than a mile to Robb Elementary School where he opened fire, killing at least 19 kids and two teachers.

One neighbor, who lives right across from Ramos’ grandmother’s house, claimed that Ramos shot his grandmother in the back. He said in May that the woman ran out of her home bleeding and then said: “Look at how he did it to me!”

Gilberto Gallegos told the Daily Mail that he was in his front yard gardening when he heard gunfire.

Gallegos said that she was in obvious pain and delirious when Gallegos spoke to the Daily Mail. “Celia said to me, Look at what he did!” She didn’t mention his name but my wife and I knew exactly who she was referring to, Salvador, her grandson.

Here are all of the victims of the Ulvade Shooting: