Prostitutes Join the World Elites at Davos


Davos has been a meeting place for the intellectual, economic, and social elites. They are discussing how to push their agendas on the rest of the world. Yes, that’s exactly what I meant.

Our betters are visiting Switzerland to promote equity, unity, and sustainability. Topics of discussion include the polar crises, global collaboration, and green energy. These are only a few of their topics. All of the world’s and national leaders will be there, including Senator Joe Manchin (D.W.Va.) as well as industry captains. Liu He, Vice-Premier of the People’s Republic of China, is among the speakers. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, his wife, and John Kerry are also on the list. What do these people do with their time when they’re not tackling the pressing issues of today? Although I don’t know what the “big names do”, it seems that at least some Davos attendees are having a good time and taking advantage of the expertise of the oldest profession in the world.

According to the Daily Mail, the demand is high for sex workers when elites gather at Davos each year. Flying in prostitutes is a great way to show that someone cares about creating a better world. Yep, human trafficking. There is nothing suspicious about this.

Prostitutes often live in the same hotel as attendees. They wear business clothes so that they don’t draw attention to their bodies. Liana, a sex worker, told Bild magazine that she wears long coats and business clothes to blend in.

From Bild:

The prostitute makes an appointment for an evening with an American customer. He calls several times per year, “Whenever he is in Switzerland, he calls.” For 700 euros, she charges for an hour. Anyone who wishes to spend the night with them will pay 2,300 euros. Plus travel expenses.

Prostitutes are in high demand at all economic summits — this is what the manager of a 170 km away escort service says. According to the Swiss newspaper, “20 Minuten”, she has already received 11 reservations and 25 inquiries. She expects there to be more throughout the week. According to the newspaper, they also booked escorts for their employees and themselves to party in the hotel suite.

Liana stated that she prefers American and British clients over German patrons, as Germans tend to tip poorly. Out of concern for litigation, she did not identify her clients. Bild also featured a Zurich man who runs an escort company. He said that inquiries spiked at the beginning and end of the conference. Because there isn’t enough return on investment, he doesn’t arrange for sex workers to attend the conference.

These people will leave Davos telling us to do more with less and lower our expectations. And yes, we might eat bugs. They have the power collectively to achieve this, even though they’ve spent a week drinking, partying, and hooking up. This should not be surprising. It should not be surprising that so many people continue to extol the virtues of this meeting as well as the heroism displayed by those who attend.

They might not be concerned about human trafficking or the hypocrisy among the attendees, or they may just be fully committed to the idea of changing the world. The presence of oil companies at the meeting is what seems to be the main concern for protestors. They are outraged at this hypocrisy. It is not alarming that some people at the event use and degrade other human beings. The attendees don’t seem to care. Once you get to that level, the laws are made. They don’t have for you to follow.