Brendan Fraser Gives an Acceptance Speech Actually Worth Listening To


Hollywood has a lot of self-absorption, delusions about grandeur, and a strong sense of superiority. These toxic traits often combine to create a person who thinks it is their responsibility to determine what is and doesn’t constitute morality for others they have never met. They believe that they are more wise and experienced than the people they meet, and that the rest of middle America will benefit from their wisdom.

However, the “yokels” view sees a completely ignorant and out of touch elitist blathering on about virtues that are more trend-oriented than principle. Their speech is phony and condescending.

People are now looking for better things, not just the celebrities they are promoting. The numbers at movie theaters aren’t as high as they used to, and the award shows that these celebrities use for their soapboxes have been losing their viewership.

However, Hollywood still has signs of real life. Every once in a while, an actor will show you that not all celebrities are ridiculous. Chris Pratt and John Krasinski, as well as Anthony Hopkins and Chris Pratt are good examples. But now we can add Brendan Fraser.

At the Critic’s choice Awards, the actor delivered an acceptance speech that was less pompous than the norm. It was a speech people can be inspired by. It’s also something that comes from someone who has been through a lot.

Fraser was recently seen in “The Whale”, a movie about a 600-lb. fish. A man called Charlie (Fraser), trying to rekindle his relationship with his teenage girl. Fraser received a standing ovation of six minutes at the Venice Film Festival for his performance.

The Critic’s choice Awards speech included thanks to Darren Aronofsky, “The Whale” director, for finding Fraser “in the wilderness” and he then addressed everyone and everyone and offered a message and hope.

Fraser broke down in tears.

Fraser’s path to this moment was extremely difficult and dark. In the 1990s and 2000s, he was a popular actor. He was a star until many things went wrong for him. His mother also died at the time, and he sustained major injuries. Fraser claims that he was sexually assaulted in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s office by Philip Berk.

All of this, he says, led to his career rapidly declining. It had an awful impact on his mental well-being.

Fraser acknowledges that, despite being in such a dark place, he has fought back and is now overcoming his demons with hard work and positive thinking.

These speeches add light to everyone’s lives. Fraser’s message was not condescending or forced to believe in half-true beliefs. It was a powerful message of hope and victory against seemingly insurmountable odds. People can use it to boost their confidence and resolve.

We would all be better off if more speeches were like these.