Putin’s Retaliation for Sanctions: American’s in Russia Could Get Arrested


Officials in the United States worry that Vladimir Putin could retaliate by arresting Americans living in Russia following the Biden administration’s imposition of sanctions.

It’s possible. Russia is well-known for falsely accusing Americans of being imprisoned. Two ex-Marines currently serve time in Russian prisons on unspecified charges.

Because of the many American workers in Russia, the Russian FSB is attracted by the environment.

NBC News: Marc Polymeropoulos is a former senior CIA officer who was responsible for Russian operations and European operations. It is possible that Americans doing business in Russia may be involved in bilateral tensions, and could end up being detained unjustly, sometimes for very long periods.

The State Department says that Americans are being held in Russia and prevented from leaving the country because of concerns about American citizens being detained there.

It’s not easy to get out. Russia has just imposed its own sanctions on Western airlines. It has been difficult for Russians to leave Russia since Aeroflot was sanctioned by the West.

It is better to get out as quickly as possible.

According to the spokesperson, dual citizens from the United States and Russia may be at risk. Russia could refuse to give U.S. consular officials prompt access to American detained people.

The State Department issued a Monday travel warning to Americans, warning them that Russian security officers could harass them.

According to the warning, Russian security services are increasing their use of arbitrary enforcement laws to target foreign and international organizations they consider “undesirable”.

The State Department and the Biden administration will not be able to do anything if Americans are held hostage by Putin’s thugs. Biden’s sanctions arsenal seems almost empty and any action taken to force their return by the administration is almost certain not to be noticed.

It is sad to say that the United States is not able to do the same as a group or pirate country and hold them hostage. This is due to history and tradition.