Reality Stars’ Parents’ Prison Stint Is ‘Living Hell,’ Kids Say


Todd and Julie Chrisley are serving prison terms for bank fraud and for tax evasion.

Savannah and Chase are two of the couple’s kids who claim that their parents live in “inhumane” conditions. They call the situation “a nightmare.”

“They both have no air. No air conditioning … They’re both in states where it gets 100+ degrees. And there’s no air conditioning,” their son Chase alleged on his sister’s podcast, “Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley.” He had recently returned from a multiday visit with his father.

Todd is currently serving a 12-year sentence at the Federal Prison Camp Pensacola, located in Florida. Julie is serving a seven-year sentence at the Federal Maritime Commission Lexington in Kentucky.

Savannah said of her mother’s cell, “And mom is sitting on her floor with rattlesnakes casually slithering around.”

Savannah said, “That is an issue to me.”

“No s—….I don’t care if you killed somebody, if you’re in a government facility, you should have air conditioning. Like that’s just ridiculous,” Chase lamented.

“Air conditioning is not the worst of it.” Savannah added, “Whenever there’s black mold, lead-based paint, snakes, and asbestos.”

Chase replied, “It is not the Fear Factor.”

Savannah admitted, “I mean Chase it’s a prison so we can’t sit here and pretend like it’s the Four Seasons.”

Chase, 27, and Savannah 25, both acknowledged that outsiders would have little sympathy for their parents. However, they said that nobody could understand their concerns until one member of their family was sent to prison.

What’s sad is that these people who are trying to expose the living conditions of inmates or those who want to do so are being punished. Savannah said that inmates who try to expose the conditions of their living are being retaliated against. Savannah said that her parents have “the fight in them” and are able to persist.

Chase continued, “They are loyal to one another, and they love each other.” “The government is the largest organized crime I have ever seen.” “They’re making money, but they’re literally putting lives at risk while operating these facilities.”

Todd and Julie have maintained innocence since they were charged in 2019.

No prison responded to our comment request immediately.