Realtor Ridiculed for Comparing LGBTQ Individuals’ Migration to Slave Escapes


Social media mocked an article comparing the plight of LGBTQ residents of Republican states with that of slaves in the 1800s.

Bob McCranie, a real estate broker who set up a website to help the LGBTQ community find new homes in states with less LGBTQ restrictions and sell their existing homes, was interviewed.

Many of us, as LGBTQIA+ residents in the Red States feel threatened. The current laws are discriminatory toward trans youths and their families. “Our marriages, families, and even our safety are at risk”, read the text from the website.

The website said: “If you are looking to move out of the Red State jurisdiction, we can help you find an LGBTQIA+ or ally agent in the location you prefer.” “We are licensed to sell real estate in Texas, and we have affiliated agents in all 50 States and many countries.”

McCranie continued to compare the profit from the sale of homes in red states to slavery.

He said, “We call it the Rainbow Underground Railroad.” “We are trying to get the people out quietly to a place where they feel safe.”

KFOR-TV’s article was hit with the “ratio” when the negative comments outnumbered the “likes”, or support, the tweet received. This tweet only received 437 likes, 991 retweets, and over 2.2k remarks.

Many online users criticized the bizarre comparison with slavery.

Amelia Hamilton, a commentator, said: “This reminds me of the days when slaves would hire realtors to get the best possible price for their homes.”

A.J. responded, “One important difference is that abolitionists who risked life to help slaves escape and navigate the Underground Railroad didn’t get a 3% profit on the sale (of non-existent slaves’) homes.” Kay.

“Yes, oppression in the present day is similar to that of the South during the antebellum period.” Mark Hemingway, a writer, said that this comparison was not offensive at all.

Another critic jokingly said, “These people with their fake victim status have stolen black history and elevated realtors to savior territory.”

Why are you demeaning & appropriating actual Underground Railroad and horrors Black Americans experienced to find safety? Another tweet was read.

McCranie claims that his service helped “27 different groups” of people escape the oppression in red states.

Learn more about the “Rainbow Underground Railroad”: