Rebekah Jones Lashes out With Threats After Far-Left Press Disown Her


Rebekah, a notorious grifter who has been outspoken in her opposition to Ron DeSantis, was recently involved in a scandal that involved her son and the possibility of a mass shooting.

Jones claimed on social media that DeSantis kidnapped Jones’ son in early April. The governor’s implied motive was to exact revenge on Jones after she allegedly exposed corruption in Florida.

It became apparent that the story was much more complex, and that Jones turned her son over after evidence that he planned to commit mass shootings was discovered. Authorities posted on social media that the boy had mental problems.

This arrest was not a surprise. She facilitated the arrest and knew what was written on the warrant. She was aware of the messages that showed her son threatening a mass shooting. She knew Ron DeSantis was not involved in the events.

She still took to social media, pretending that the police had just arrived at her door and taken her son by force under false pretenses. The press went with this. They lied to the hilt to try and smear DeSantis.

The last paragraph of that sentence is what leads us to this latest chapter of the saga. I wrote then that several media outlets echoed Jones’ absurd claims. One newspaper did have the decency to correct the record, and it was not the Miami Herald, which is a dumpster fire. It was The Young Turks.

Ana Kasparian apologized on air for being one of the hosts at the left-wing news outlet.

Jones was not happy when she heard Kasparian’s remarks. She threatened to prove her derangement instead of simply admitting that she had misled people.

Jones is going to destroy The Young Turks. She has been lying for years. This can’t be another swindle to continue to scam her online fan base with GoFundMe campaign.

It’s hilarious. Even though I don’t like The Young Turks (whose founder CenkUygur is a leftist nut), they seem sane in comparison to Jones’ rantings. It’s even worse that many people, such as those from the Miami Herald have spread Jones’ nonsense, because they hate DeSantis so much.

This latest episode still feels like it’s a breaking point. Jones acts like she’s afraid her thievery is about to end. There’s not much she can do to get cash or fame when The Young Turks is losing.