Recent Tweet Questions Sources Speculating Imminent Retirement of McConnell


Few Capitol Hill legislators have provoked more emotion than Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican Leader. There are many reasons why McConnell has been demonized by leftists.

For example, Donald Trump has not only called McConnell a “disloyal sleaze bag” — although McConnell says he most likes Trump’s “Old Crow” ad hominem — the former president has also demeaned former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, a Taiwanese native, as McConnell’s “China-loving wife, Coco Chow.”

Multiple sources claim that McConnell haters won’t be able to keep McConnell around much longer.

The Spectator reports that “multiple sources confirm that Senators John Barrasso, John Cornyn (Texas), and John Thune (South Dakota) are actively seeking leadership votes in preparation for an anticipated leadership vote.” If McConnell is elected Republican minority leader, this will occur. During his March fall, he was concussed.

McConnell’s resignation as leader of the Senate would likely be part of his retirement from the Senate. One source says that McConnell is already looking for a replacement as GOP Leader.

Cornyn has been very involved in the preparations. Cornyn has been very active in his preparations.

Rick Scott, the Florida senator, and former NRSC head who challenged McConnell, ultimately received ten protest votes. These members could prove key to determining the next Republican leader. Queries are also being made internally about the rules regarding replacement, and how the contest would be structured given the lack of an obvious heir apparent.

This is a type of “The King has passed away, long live the King” thing.

Wait! McConnell tweeted this on Thursday afternoon

I am looking forward to returning Monday to the Senate. There is important business to be done and great fights for Kentuckians.

Now, is it possible that The Turtle knew of the palace’s plan to replace him? Or is this just a coincidence?