Rep Candidate for Governor of Illinois Under Attack By Dems for Duration as A Defense Attorney


A Democratic group attacked an Illinois Republican governor candidate. They accuse the candidate of protecting perverse and unsympathetic people while he was a lawyer.

Richard Irvin, the mayor of north suburban Aurora, is running in the GOP primary to oppose incumbent governor J.B. Pritzker in the November election. Irvin, who is black, is running on his record as mayor, claiming a reduction in the murder rate. He believes that “All Lives Matter” and supports not defunding the police.

Irvin worked as a defense lawyer for 15 years. He represented the most unsavory people which allowed Democrats to jump on their bull shit train.

According to Fox News:

“For 15 years, Irvin has been a defense lawyer, profiting by defending some of the most violent and heinous criminals,” the narrator in the ad says.

The ad then lists Irvin’s various defendants including “Domestic abusers and sexual assault,” a “kidnaper who molested a child” and “reckless homicide.”

“Even accused child pornographers,” the narrator stressed, before adding “Richard Irvin has been getting rich by putting criminals back on our streets” and urging Illinois voters, “Tell Richard Irvin to stop pretending to be tough on crime and start supporting policies that keep people safe.”

If the candidate in child pornography cases is a Democrat, it’s a smart idea to defend them. “They are competent advocates who will defend the most hated member of society, while not endorsing criminality as a strength for our system.

It is not necessary to condemn everyone that defends child pornographers, because that is something that comes along with being a lawyer, they have all types of criminal cases.

Durbin called such Republican attacks “vicious,” while Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D.R.I.) decried the “truly toxic, cynical behavior that trolled through Senate’s actions during dark times past.”

Very few QAnon senators in the United States would vote for Jackson, so what does it mean when it states that Republicans are “QAnon signaling”? The White House knows that QAnon is not a major force in the GOP.

It’s astonishingly stupid.

Irvin was a Democrat, and he voted in the Democratic primaries. Is it possible that his dedication to conservative causes may have been questionable?

Irvin claimed that the ad was “breathtakingly captivatingly hypnotic” because Roy Cooper, chair of the Democratic Governors Association, was also a long-standing defense attorney. Governor J.B. Pritzker stated that the DGA was “telling truth” about exaggerated accusations against Irvin.

Pritzker supported Judge Jackson’s confirmation, accusing Irvin of everything Republicans made Judge Jackson out of being.

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