Bill Cassidy Plans to Run for Governor of Louisiana in 2023


Bill Cassidy made a lot of noises about his plans to run for Louisiana Governor in 2023. Cassidy has about zero chances of winning so I didn’t pay too much attention.

Cassidy did however announce Monday that he would not vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson into the Supreme Court. Analysts were surprised by this announcement. John Kennedy made the same announcement that he would not be voting for her.

It’s interesting to notice the differences between the announcements:

Cassidy said, “I appreciate Judge Jackson’s meeting with me.” “She’s kind, intelligent, and accomplished.” Judge Jackson was chosen by President Biden because she wasn’t a strict constructionist and because she was supported in her role as an activist judge. ”

Here’s Kennedy:

Kennedy said that Judge Jackson was intelligent, well-versed, and extraordinarily artistic. She could speak for hours and not say much substantive on important questions, especially about the limits of judicial power and the importance of judicial restraint.

Cassidy’s statement doesn’t give much detail and is intentional. He mentions Trump (a man he voted to impeach and has continued to double down upon it), and speaks about jurisprudence, but doesn’t get into details.  He appeals only to the very conservatives who have abandoned him.

Kennedy gives details. This is consistent with the questions he answered during his confirmation hearings.

Cassidy wants Republicans to know that he is there for them, and always has been. Cassidy doesn’t want to give details. If you run again for office, this would be the only time you can do so. After he was elected to his second term, his base began to vote as if he was not really representing them. They voted for the infrastructure bill and the impeachment vote.

This leads me to believe that the gubernatorial race wasn’t planned. He made a mistake. He is not the frontrunner and there’s no way that he can be. I wrote this in a related blog post.

Kennedy isn’t running.

Cassidy is not a candidate. Any smart team would know this.

This is an accurate assessment of a situation well beyond a decade. Cassidy has been roasted in every corner for his positions. He was right to make the decision about Judge Jackson. There is reason to believe that he did this to win support in 2023.

He is fourth on the JMC Analytics poll (linked below). He may think that John Kennedy’s support will transfer to him since Kennedy is unlikely to run. We should not lose this support!

We know Jeff Landry will receive the majority of the support. Jeff Landry, the Attorney General of the state, is opposed to any multi-state lawsuit against Biden.

It’s difficult to draw a different conclusion. Cassidy appears determined to run. Cassidy knows Washington does not welcome his style of politics.

I wish him the best of luck, he’ll need it!!!