Rep. Dan Crenshaw Denied Homeland Security Committee Chair After Critical of McCarthy Terrorists Comment


Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw was denied permission to take over a critical committee that he wanted to. Crenshaw will instead lead the House Homeland Security Committee.

Crenshaw verbally reproached Republican members of the House Freedom Caucus last week, calling them “enemies”, because they had used their House speaker votes for concessions about how Congress would run.

Guy Benson, a Fox News Radio host, asked him to respond: “We cannot allow terrorists to win.” He specifically referred to 20 Freedom Caucus members that initially refused to vote for Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R. Calif.).

Crenshaw also said to Benson, that terrorists wanted more seats on committees.

Crenshaw’s comments appear to have been unforced errors. McCarthy won Friday night’s 15th ballot.

We previously reported that Tucker Carlson (a Texas congressman) called Tucker Carlson on Fox News, accusing Crenshaw of engaging in “Soviet-style politics.”

Crenshaw apologized on Sunday and said to Jake Tapper, CNN anchor on “State of the Union”, “things heat up” and “things are said.” … They shouldn’t think I believe them to be terrorists. This is clearly a phrase that you use in intransigent negotiations.

According to the Houston Chronicle Crenshaw’s comments were made in the context of “vile statements” made by “the very same party wings that I fight.”

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Crenshaw lost his struggle for the gavel over many months, on Monday

The Houston Chronicle reported Crenshaw was a front-runner for the top Homeland Security Committee position. Crenshaw definitely believed that.

Crenshaw told his Republican colleagues that he was uniquely positioned to lead the Homeland Security Committee. Crenshaw noted that he was a former soldier and had lived in a border area, which gave him the insight and experience to “persuasively communicate our positions to the public”.

Crenshaw could also be considered after raising $1 million for the House GOP campaign arm during this cycle.

The chair will be handed to Mark Green, a fellow combat veteran, and Texas congressman. Crenshaw’s most famous slang is being spelled out by Freedom Caucus, a 58-year-old member.

Green was previously on the same panel as Crenshaw.

Politico previously reported on Green’s political significance. They said, “Green would also make a good candidate because he would allow Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader, to claim that he has seated another HFC Representative in a senior leadership position after Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).”

Green expressed his gratitude to McCarthy with the following tweet: It was an exciting race. I look to working with him, a veteran who understands national security issues to protect our homeland.

Green stated that his priorities as chairman are “ending the Border Crisis Biden caused”, stopping Fentanyl from entering America, and empowering Customs and Border Patrol personnel.

Green told Alejandro Mayorkas in November that he was the Department of Homeland Security Secretary and should resign. If he didn’t, he indicated that if he didn’t, the House Republicans would hold him responsible.

It’s not clear what Crenshaw’s decision to reject intraparty political parties will mean.

Cal Jillson, Southern Methodist University’s political science professor, stated last week that Renshaw was waiting for his turn. He is the soldier, and if Renshaw loses it to someone who threatens McCarthy’s speakership it will be a separation.