Left Tries to Use Death of Lynette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway to Push Their Political Agenda


We reported Monday that Lynette (Diamond), of the duo Diamond & Silk, had died at her North Carolina residence.
Many people including President Donald Trump expressed their gratitude for her and condoled with her family.

It is unclear from whom she died. A November report that she was ill was posted to the couple’s twitter account. It didn’t mention her illness.

According To The Daily Beast, Hardaway briefly returned to her program in December. She denied unsourced reports that she was being treated with COVID and filmed her last episode on December 15.

But that doesn’t stop left-leaning individuals from using the race about the cause death to attack her.

Many people left reacted in an awful way to the incident. They are evil and I won’t share their worst tweets.

I want to highlight the fact that some people, including Democratic operatives like this guy Chris D. Jackson, push this kind of nonsense without ever verifying any facts.

Jackson claimed that he was an early endorser of President Joe Biden and was appointed by the campaign to the DNC Policy Platform Committee. He also serves as an informal strategist and advisor to campaigns at the state and national levels.

Michael Stern is an American opinion columnist.

Media accuracy is a positive thing. But accuracy is not something you should care about. Stern linked to The Daily Beast story which he didn’t read as it doesn’t support his claim.

While we don’t know what caused her death, it doesn’t matter how deeply she loved America.