Rep. McCarthy Makes His Bid For Speaker as the Freedom Caucus Moves to Block Him


Rep. Kevin McCarthy, House Minority leader, quietly has been gathering votes for his bid to be Speaker of the House. Republicans will be able to win a House Majority in the 44 remaining races.

It’s possible that Republicans could win a majority within the next few days. But, the GOP won’t have a vote about the leadership until next week.

McCarthy’s bid to be the speaker position could be in serious trouble. McCarthy was asked last night whether he had enough votes.


But, McCarthy’s rise to the speakership will be largely determined by the size and composition of any potential GOP majority. CNN is yet to project a Republican takeover.

CNN was told Wednesday morning by a source who is familiar with House Freedom Caucus discussions that approximately 26 current and incoming House members were open to voting against McCarthy if he doesn’t offer concessions. A source said they are currently discussing the possibility to put up a nominal challenger to McCarthy in next week’s leadership elections to try and get the GOP leader more control over how Congress functions.

McCarthy’s opponents will face the same problems as Senator Mitch McConnell’s Senate majority leader challenge. There is no credible challenger who the opposition could rally behind.

McCarthy must make a deal if there is a Republican House majority. McCarthy could be asked to take Hunter Biden’s seat and give committee assignments to Freedom Caucus members.

Members weigh their options and new legislators arrive in Washington to start meetings, the Freedom Caucus strategy is more evident. He also started calling members to discuss strategies regarding the speaker’s race.

They wanted to make it easier to request the removal of a speaker. McCarthy rejected this idea long ago. Former Speaker John Boehner was also used.

Hardliners may also demand that President Joe Biden and his Cabinet members be investigated and impeached.

It’s not fair to envy the Speaker of the House.