LA District Attorney Quietly Drops Charges Against China-Linked Election Company


The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office quietly dropped all charges against Eugene Yu (CEO of election software company Konnech), on Wednesday. They cited “potential bias”.

We reported that Yu, a Chinese national was charged with stealing personal identifying information. According to the criminal complaint:

“…Konnech employees, known and unknown, sent personal identifying data of Los Angeles County election workers [in China] to third-party developers who helped with Konnech’s internal software ‘PollChief.

After a team made up of cybersecurity experts assessed the data on the hard drives and servers seized by Konnech and Yu, the charges were dropped without prejudice.

The office released a statement saying that they were concerned about the speed of the investigation as well as the possibility of bias in the presentation of evidence. “We have therefore decided to ask the court for dismissal of the current case and to alert the public to ensure transparency.

Yu’s defense lawyer may have been pressing the DA’s to speed up the trial to protect Yu’s civil rights. It would be great if the January 6 defendants received the same standard. They are in jail, Yu is on bond and Yu has an ankle monitor to keep him from returning to China.