Republican Governors Expose the Real State of the Union – You Won’t Believe What They Said!


The State of the Union address on Thursday night was an absolute screamer. Joe Biden delivered an energizing cocktail-infused speech in which he spent more time attacking Donald Trump than assessing the current state of the country. Let’s call this what it is: a political speech. Erick Erickson said that the State of the Union speech was “partisan, not memorable, and below the dignity of the position.”

The official response from Sen. Katie Britt, R-Ala., to Biden’s address has received mixed reviews. But she was not the only one who responded. The Republican Governors Association invited its chair, Gov. Bill Lee (R Tennessee) and Gov. Brian Kemp (R. Georgia) to respond, and both men contrasted President Trump’s angry rhetoric against the encouraging vision of leaders in red states.

Kemp stated, “What the American people witnessed tonight was failed leadership.” Kemp said that instead of using this evening to bring Americans together, find common ground, and propose bold solutions to the many challenges facing our country. President Biden chose to play partisan politics and blame Republicans.

Lee drew a contrast between the state of this nation under Biden, and what Republican Governors are doing to improve life for Americans.

He said that while the American people are witnessing the dysfunction of Washington and the daily effects of failed federal policy, conservative-led states are a constant reminder that America’s greatest days are yet to come. “We can be optimistic because states like Tennessee are unwaveringly committed to fundamentals that make America a great country – freedom, security, and opportunity for all.”

Both governors focused on the topic that was most fresh in voters’ minds: illegal immigration. The border crisis has been brought to the forefront by the murder of Laken Riley, a nursing student, on the campus of Kemp’s alma mater, the University of Georgia. Kemp and Lee linked the border crisis to other issues plaguing Americans.

Lee stated that “Americans deserve an action plan from the White House” to deal with the worst border crisis for decades, to bring crime under control, and to ease the burden of inflation, which makes it difficult for families to prosper.

Bidenomics, along with crushing inflation, has forced 60% of American families to live paycheck-to-paycheck, making the American Dream less accessible for many.

Both governors concluded their remarks by highlighting the differences between the federal government, and the conservative leadership of states such as theirs.

Kemp concluded, “With the Biden administration asleep at the wheel and Washington D.C. in a state of dysfunction, gridlock, and partisanship, Republican Governors will continue to produce results for our people.”

Lee said, “In the interim, states are leading with conservative governing principals that drive economic prosperity and empower thriving families and communities, as well as lift a country where everyone has the chance to succeed.”

They’re right. The Biden White House doesn’t lead like the GOP governors. These governors have united and pledged to assist their border-state counterparts in securing the border. They work to protect the unborn and make elections more reliable. Republican governors are not afraid to speak out about the state of the nation.