Republican Presidential Candidate Opposes Bans on Minors’ Sex Change Treatments


GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie argued against bans on sex change treatments for minors, while a recent poll found that a majority of voters support restrictions on children receiving the life-altering procedures.

During a Sunday segment of CNN’s “State of the Union”, Christie was asked about his opinion on Republican governors banning gender reassignment surgery and puberty-blocking devices for minors.

Christie defended minors’ access to sex-change procedures, even though the majority of his supporters had a different opinion.

The Republican said to CNN’s Jake Tapper, “I would like each state to require that parents be involved in these decision-making processes.” “Folks under 18 years old should receive parental guidance and love when making all of the important decisions in their lives. This should not be excluded by the government.”

A Washington Post-KFF poll found that while Christie supports giving children under 18 years old access to sex-change treatments, 68% of Americans are against access to medications to block puberty in kids aged 10 to 14, and 58% are against access to hormone treatments for teens.

As governor of New Jersey, Christie enacted laws in 2017 that allowed children to use the school bathroom and locker room based on gender identity instead of the sex assigned by birth.

Christie’s signature also removed the restrictions on biological males competing in women’s sports, a topic that WaPo’s poll found more than 60% of Americans believe should be banned.

S3067 encourages school faculty to develop their knowledge of LBGTQ issues. This is done by providing “professional development opportunities” to teachers, administrators, and 2 guidance counselors as well as bus drivers, coaches, and other school personnel.

The law required that schools provide “developmentally appropriate” LGBTQ literature in libraries, counseling centers, or nurse’s offices.

In the same year, the then-governor passed another law prohibiting insurance companies to deny services based on gender identity.

Christie faces a crowded GOP field, including candidates such as former President Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) and former ambassador Nikki Haley have all expressed support for placing restrictions on children under the age of 18 from receiving gender reassignment surgery and preventing men from competing in women’s sports.

Trump, during a recent North Carolina campaign stop, said that those who support male athletes competing in women’s sports are “sick” and “deraigned”. The former president said that if he were elected in the fall, he would sign a law banning child sexual mutilation across all 50 states.