Survey Finds Climate Change Anxiety Influences Parents’ Decision to Have More Children


Recent research revealed that parents who are concerned about climate change admit that it influences their decision on having more children.

Morning Consult conducted a survey on behalf of HP, a technology company, and found that 53% of parents who said they were worried about climate change are also concerned about having more children.

In the survey “Parents and the Planet – How Sustainability Influences Purchasing Decisions”, 5,000 parents were surveyed from India, Mexico, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Each country surveyed approximately 1,000 parents each.

Parents were asked to share their opinions on climate change, and how this affected different purchasing decisions. The study found that climate change anxiety affects parents’ purchasing decisions, careers, and family life.

91% percent of the 5,000 people surveyed said they were “concerned” about the climate change crisis.

Participants in the survey expressed concern about rising temperatures (62%), water shortages (51%), sea levels (43%), and weather events (43%).

Fathers, especially in the United States are leading the way in expressing their concern about climate change. The survey found that fathers are generally more concerned about climate change and less likely to have more children. They also tend to be more hesitant in choosing their employer because of its environmental and sociological issues.

The survey showed that 98% in India, 96% in Mexico, and 95% in Singapore are concerned about climate change. In the United Kingdom, 87% of parents and 82% of Americans are also concerned.

In addition, 59% of parents in India, 56% in Mexico and Singapore, as well as 52% in Britain, said that climate concerns influence their decision to have a larger family.

Parents were asked whether climate anxiety affected their career choices.

It stated that 43% of parents who have climate concerns had reconsidered their decision to work for a particular company because of its commitment to social and environmental issues.

The survey results show that parents are more likely to support companies that take climate action. They also believe that corporations should be held accountable for their actions in addressing the climate crisis.

Even though parents acknowledge that the costs of living have increased, they prefer to buy sustainable products even if they cost more.

Parents are still willing to spend money on sustainable products despite economic pressures. The survey found that parents are willing to pay more if they know the products they buy will be more sustainable. This includes household items like clothing (75%), pet supplies (62%), and larger tech purchases such as laptops (59%), and cell phones (66%).