Republicans Better Hurry Up and Make Their Case to Midterm Voters


The shrinking lead Republicans hold in the generic poll is a reason for legacy media to make a lot of the declining lead. This poll does not take into account the differences between each House and Senate race. Many see it as a barometer for how the election is trending. The current RCP average for generic ballots is Democrats +0.5. It’s a dead heat, with a near-dead Democratic Party leader and implementing policies that most Americans hate.

Convention of States Action has released new polling in partnership with The Trafalgar Group. It shows that a majority of Independent voters believe the Republican Party hasn’t made a strong case for why they should be supported in the 2022 midterm elections. Only 28% believe the GOP has made a strong argument.

Worse, 27% of Hispanic voters believe Republicans have made a strong argument. Hispanic voters were aligned with the GOP in large numbers earlier this summer. According to some polls, a majority of respondents said they would vote Republican in midterm elections. It is possible to hope that Democrats’ radicalism will inspire them to vote Republican, even if they don’t believe the case has been made. But hope is not a strategy. It is better to give people something to vote for than to rely on their motivation to vote against someone else.

A clear majority of black voters think Republicans have failed to make the case for them, but 25% believe they have. This is unprecedented if it even comes close to the number that voted Republican in local and state elections in November. This could make it possible to tip the balances in every election. Only 6.3% of respondents said they were unsure about the GOP’s message. This is the lowest percentage among any ethnic group.

“Considering the failures of Afghanistan, inflation and student loans, the recession that we are currently in, the attempted vaccine mandates, and the border, the Biden Administration is a complete disaster. His record low approval numbers also show that. One would expect that national Republicans would ride high and be able to use this situation to build momentum,” stated Mark Meckler (President of the Convention of States). “But, the fact remains that the poor leadership, poor communication, and what appears to not be a strategy are causing voters to shout louder: You need to work harder. They are utterly wrong if they think they can win this thing by not being Joe Biden.

It should not be difficult to talk about economics, national safety, and rising crime. Some days, however, it seems that Mitch McConnell just wants to remain Senate Minority Leader. It seemed that he was already conceding the election in mid-August.

“I believe there is a higher likelihood that the House will be flipped than the Senate,” he said. Senate races are very different. They’re statewide and candidate quality plays a big role in the outcome.” he stated during a luncheon hosted by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, per NBC News.

He continued, “Right now we have a fifty-50 Senate and a country of fifty-fifty, but I think that when all is said in done this fall we’re likely to have an extremely tight Senate, either their side slightly or ours slightly.”

The National Senatorial Republican Committee also pulled funding from crucial Senate races in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. On Meet the Press, Kamala Harris, Vice President, said that she was confident of eliminating the filibuster in order to codify Roe v. Wade and to pass voting rights legislation next Congress. The Democrats have already wiped out a crucial Supreme Court victory in West Virginia vs. EPA, allowing the agency to regulate greenhouse gases in the “Inflation Reduction Act.” They will act to implement the radical policy that Harris gaveling in tie-breaker.

Speaker Kevin McCarty is making an effort. The House leadership established a “Commitment To America” but it is being buried by the Mar-a-Lago raid aftermath and new Department of Justice attacks against key advisors to Trump. Republicans should not give interviews for the Trump drama. Instead, they should talk only about their plans to defund tyranny by 2023.