Republicans Could Learn Something About Messaging From a Tattooed, Pierced Rapper


If you don’t spend much time with young men below the age of 30, it is possible to not know who Tom MacDonald really is. A song called “Fake Woke”, which he sang in early 2021 was a hit with Republican commentators. His lyrics were a cohesive and eloquent message with a punch that earned him a spot on Glenn Beck’s morning radio show. Young men were already aware of MacDonald’s lyrics before the song. His direct and compelling messages resonated with them.

His YouTube music videos have more viewers than the top cable news programs, with over 3,000,000 subscribers. MacDonald, 33, is not afraid to speak out on social media and holds no sacred cows. To troll critics, MacDonald submits his own press release. They call him “turgid” while accusing him of being an “unstoppable for reactionary dumbness.” But, he does have a loyal fan base. You can read the comments on his social media pages and see how he connects to his listeners.

He is speaking to the young Millennials and Gen Zs. This generation will not fare as well as their parents. They will have a harder time forming families and building wealth due to inflation and rising home prices. They know this. So does MacDonald. If Republican leaders were to listen to MacDonald’s reaction in Philadelphia to President Biden, they could gain a lot of insight into how to appeal to these voters.

He begins to speak directly to his audience. “Look, everybody’s upset over this latest Joe Biden speech. The one with the red lights where he looks almost like a pale Skeletor. He then tells his audience to not be mad that Biden called most Republicans extremists and people on the right extremists. MacDonald understands why leaders in the Democratic Party, including President Biden, need to demonize them.

MacDonald gives a quick and sharp list of the Democrats’ most extreme positions and their notable failures. He focuses on the political, financial, and cultural failures that will be on the shoulders of people younger than 30. He says, “These are the people who think a woman can be anyone with an imagination who identifies herself as one.” “These are the people who ruined the economy, infected the cost of living, brought the US to the brink of war with Russia, cowered against China, funded the pandemic, and ignored the fentanyl crisis.”

The list goes on after a short pause. He continues, “Food shortages and high gas prices led us to an energy crisis that divided America at record speeds.” Finally, he says, “If any other person made these many bad decisions, we wouldn’t take a damn what they have to say seriously.” They shouldn’t upset you.

MacDonald is correct in stating that Democrats would not know what an extremist looked like, even if it was wearing full body armor and burning down a large city in broad daylight. He chided, “Even though it came up to them as a lawnmower and offered to cut their grass.” Cleverly using photos from summer 2020, he said to his subscribers that “my dog has better judgment than these people.” My dog has been known to try to eat his own beep.

Republicans must understand that candor wins. MacDonald doesn’t care about what legacy media has to say about him. Republicans should learn from him and use the same direct messaging to reach voters 18-35. Then back it up by telling voters that they won’t let Klaus Schwab or the Davos crowd colonize them with their pro-scarcity and anti-human, globalist government policy. They will not fund tyranny until Joe Biden is gone. This includes the expansion of power for the EPA, IRS, and the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee makes a big mistake by not providing full-throated financial and public support for candidates such as J.D. Vance Masters and Blake Masters. Blake Masters and Vance Masters are both young, bright, and accomplished. They often speak directly to the issues young adults face. Vance tells well-known rags to riches story, and he talks about how to revive middle-class jobs. Masters talks about young families.

The future of young voters is being stolen by Democrats. People under 30 are being saddled with the debts of older college graduates as well as the war in Ukraine that Joe Biden’s foreign policies have caused. The wages are not keeping pace with inflation and the Biden administration does not appear to be able to ease the energy crisis. Republicans must speak up to younger voters and make the necessary commitments to give them a chance at the American Dream.