Republicans Still Leading Generic Congressional Ballot Despite Overturn of Roe


Anyone who thought that sending abortion back to the States by the Supreme Court would make a big difference in the midterms would be seriously mistaken.

The new YouGov/Economist poll, which included 776 likely voters between June 25 and June 28, found that 45 percent would vote for their Republican congressional candidate as opposed to 40 percent for the Democrat. This is one percent more than the YouGov poll from last week which showed Democrats at 41%.

It appears that the Dobbs decision won’t have much impact on the midterm race, as predicted. Although the tide could change for Democrats, it is highly unlikely that they can turn around their sinking ship.

The uncomfortable truth for Democrats: the people most passionate about abortion access are also reliably voting for them. Although some far-left voters may not like the party, they will still vote with little hesitation. They may decide to not show up to continue what they consider an oppressive system.

The Democrats will need to convince suburban families that they won’t support abortion. People are too busy figuring out how to afford gas for their next trip to the grocery store to think about a social problem.

Bloomberg reported that ActBlue raised on average $2 million per hour after the strike down Roe. However, having a large war chest doesn’t always translate into changing voters’ minds. Most of them believe that the country is on the wrong path.

Despite Republicans appearing invisible to some, candidates must be solution-oriented to communicate their plans with constituents. The primary season is well underway. Democrats and Republicans continue to throw red meat at their base. But, Republicans must be balanced in the general election campaign season to stand out. Democrats are masters at fear-mongering and this election will be no exception.

The economy is the focus of the 2022 midterms, for better or worse. Americans can’t help but blame Washington Democrats for their financial woes. Liberal politicians have given them nothing but empty rhetorical solutions.