After Texas Tractor-Trailer Migrant Deaths. Two Mexican Nationals Living in US Illegally Hit With Weapons Charges


Two Mexican nationals were arrested after dozens of migrants were found dead in a semi-truck in Texas.

Juan Claudio D’Luna–Mendez, and Juan Francisco D’Luna–Bilbao were each charged with separate criminal complaints about illegal immigrants in possession of firearms. According to documents filed at the U.S. District Court on Tuesday, the Western District of Texas was charged with illegal immigrants in possession of firearms.

The Hill reported federal prosecutors requested that both men be held without bond. They could face a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fee.

Another man believed to be the driver of the big truck was also taken into custody and charged with human trafficking.

In what has been called the most deadly smuggling event at the U.S.-Mexico border, 51 migrants were killed. Numerous victims’ bodies were found in an abandoned tractor-trailer Monday in San Antonio Texas.

Although it has been difficult to identify victims without identification documentation and at least one instance where a stolen ID was reported, the majority of victims have been identified as Mexican citizens. Some victims have been claimed by foreign ministers from Guatemala, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Court documents show that San Antonio police officers checked the Texas plate on the semi-truck trailer and discovered it was registered to 100 Block Arnold Drive.

Officers established surveillance at the house. They saw a Hispanic male driver leaving the house in a Ford F-250. Officers found a Fratelli Tangoglio GT380 and 380 pistols in the vehicle.

A second complaint states that officers made a separate traffic stop to check on another Hispanic male driving the truck from the house. D’Luna Mendez was later identified.

According to the complaints, officers obtained warrants from the state to search the house. The firearms found in the bedroom were Mossberg 600AT and 12-gauge And many other weapons.

D’Luna Mendez’s bedroom was also taken. According to the complaint, an American Tactical Imports model Omni Hybrid multi-caliber rifle, a German Sport Guns Model GSG-5P handgun, and a Smith & Wesson P9 Shield M2.0 handgun were all taken.

D’Luna Bilbao was given his Miranda rights, and Homeland Security Investigations special agents interrogated him. According to the criminal case, D’Luna Bilbao allegedly confessed that he had the handgun in his truck and the shotgun in his bedroom.

D’Luna Bilbao allegedly admitted to his U.S. immigration status also as a visa overstay.

D’Luna Mendez admitted in his post-Miranda interview that he had the three guns in his bedroom. He also claimed that he was a U.S. overstay visa holder.

ATF examination revealed that the firearms confiscated were not manufactured in Texas, and were transported in interstate or international commerce.

Both men were Mexican citizens and nationals. They had valid B-2 visas, and they didn’t return home after their visas expired.