Rockets Strike Residential Building Outside of Tel Aviv


Video shows that a residential building in Rishon leTsiyon (Israel) was struck by rockets on Wednesday evening.

Alex Hogan, a Fox News reporter, reported live from the scene of the incident in the city. The city is located about five miles outside of Tel Aviv.

Hogan said, “Police have not told us exactly what struck the building behind me. But you can see a large hole in this structure.” This is a three-apartment building. Search and Rescue teams are still inside, trying to ensure that everyone has been evacuated.

Hogan explained that the residents of Rishon LeTsiyon were “terrified” by this as Hamas continued to target civilians during its war against Israel.

“Obviously, a very terrifying moment,” she said. “We had heard the sirens in Tel Aviv and again, then the Iron Dome went off. Now, seeing this develop, we have seen some people come out of this home completely, completely disgruntled, frustrated, and terrified.”